Come to the world premiere of three films in the main competition DOX:AWARD!

‘In Limbo’
The internet is the memory of mankind. Here, all the world’s knowledge is stored in binary codes, and the cerebral lobes of the server park are connected by fibre-optic cables that extend in a network across the entire globe. But does the internet also have anything that would ressemble a soul? Antoine Viviani asks this question in the film ‘In Limbo’. Meet him at the screening 21:30 in Grand Teatret.

The city Birobidjan is located in Oblast, which was created in 1934 by Stalin himself as an independent state for communist Jews, in the far eastern part of the Soviet Union. The film is an attempt to preserve a place, a people and a culture in a cinematic form. The film is presented in collaboration with Copenhagen Jewish Film Festival. You can meet the director at the world premiere of the film tonight at 19:00 in Dagmar teatret.

‘The Letters’
Behind the dark, sensuous and almost hallucinatory images, a grim story is smouldering about a school teacher and social activist, who after a questionable trial was convicted for killing four police officers in a Mexican province. See ‘The Letters’ at 17:15 in Cinemateket today, and meet the director Pablo Chavarría Gutiérrez after the screening.

… and here are some of the other exciting films and events you can experience tomorrow.
Town on a Wire: Welcome to Lod, a small town – on the brink of collapse. The city is a dilapidated suburb of Tel Aviv racism and violence in which 75,000 Muslim, Jewish and Christian inhabitants live from day to day and in constant fear. But can one man handle the job, bringing Lod back into balance? Meet the director Uri Rosenwaks tonight for a Q&A after the screening 19:45 in Empire.

Or how about an autobiographic stand up where an old, worn-out VHS tape is the only prop? ‘Stand by for Tape Back-Up’ is a sharp, ironic and funny show and you can also meet the Scottish poet and filmmaker Ross Sutherland tonight at 19:00 in Absalon. Read the interview with Sutherland here.
On the list of things you can’t miss out on is also Jacob Holdt’s re-exhibition of ‘American Pictures’ in Kunsthal Charlottenborg. Read more here.

You can also get tickets to three films in the category Under The Asphalt, The Beach! How about time / OUT OF JOINT, which asks if it is actually possible to have time go backwards? Spectographies about ghost hunting in the parallel world of reality or the visually strong Simulation Beach about an elite team of scientists whose creating artificial natural disasters?

Hurry up and get your tickets for CPH:DOX’s 7th day!