The thirteenth edition of CPH:DOX is about to be over. Save your tears, though, because there are still two more days to come! Here are a few tips on what you can see tomorrow:


The Israel/Palestine-conflict up-close in the town Lod.
’Town on a Wire’: The documentary answer to ‘The Wire’. An immersive film from an Israeli town in total dissolution, where the future is in the hands of a single man. The ancient Romans called Lod the City of God. Today, it is a dilapidated suburb ten minutes from Tel Aviv, and a home for both the Palestinian drug barons and fanatical Israeli settlers. See the film 19:15 in Grand where you also will get the unique opportunity to meet the films main subjects, Jewish Ahron Attias and Arabian Faten Zinati, including the filmmakers Uri Rosenwaks and Eyal Blachson. Watch an interview with them underneath. Buy tickets here.

Culture on the verge of extinction
’Birobidjan’: The city Birobidjan is located in Oblast, which was created in 1934 by Stalin himself as an independent state for communist Jews, in the far eastern part of the Soviet Union. Over time, it became a thriving haven for Jews from all parts of the world, but today they are only a disappearing minority in a culture on the brink of disintegration. Hurry up and get your ticket here! 

A visually and philosophically sophisticated, magnificent film
In contemporary artist Dryden Goodwin’s visually and philosophically sophisticated film ‘Unseen: The Lives of Looking’ , where the diverse elements are strung together by his own delicate pencil drawings. Their common denominator? Eyesight, and its influence on our experience and understanding of the world around us. Meet the director after the film 15:00 in Empire Bio. Buy tickets here.

Brutal, sensory total experience
‘Leviathan’ is a documentary horror film painted in expressive primary colours on a black canvas. As brutal as a black metal concert, as dramatic as Melville’s novel, and as grotesque as all the biblical plagues served in one go – and yet it’s merely about a nocturnal excursion on a fishing trawler.
‘Leviathan’ won the New Vision Award at CPH:DOX 2012, and if you have not yet had the chance to experience it in a cinema, it is an absolute must. See the film at 21:30 in Cinemateket. After the film you can meet the directors Lucien Castaing-Taylor & Véréna Paravel. Buy tickets here.

A versatile expression merged with the sensibility of pop melodies
High-vaulted church ceiling, holograms and fiber optic light threads in a total experience with The Rumour Said Fire frontman’s elegant pop. With a quirky look at pop conventions, Lidang serves a cornucopia of insanely catchy tunes, which elegantly combine the proud songwriting tradition of classic pop with a clumsy and charming take on r’n’b, dance and 80s melancholic nostalgia.

‘You can see Hôn vs. Harmonic Mind’ 20:00 at Frederiksberg in Solbjerg Kirke

Buy your tickets here.