Meet the directors behind two of this year’s DOX:AWARD-films at CPH:DOX tomorrow – and get a retinal scan of your own eye! Read the entire guide for the 6th day of CPH:DOX.

The Moulin
Taiwan’s first group of modern poets gather in the 1930s in a quiet protest against the cultural superiority of the colonial power. In ’The Moulin’ enigmatic tableaux and beautifully calligraphed texts surround the ‘Moulin’ members, and you sense an echo of their fellow Taiwanese writer Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s epic and elliptical period dramas. Meet the director at the screening tonight in Cinemateket 21.00.
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Unseen: the Lives of Looking
A visually and philosophically sophisticated, magnificent film about the relationship between vision and knowledge. In ’Unseen: the Lives of Looking’ the fine veins of the retina are interlaced with geological experiments in an endless desert, and with whistleblowing, drone attacks and government surveillance of British citizens in contemporary artist Dryden Goodwin’s debut film. Their common denominator? Eyesight, and its influence on our experience and understanding of the world around us. An immense and immersive film, but with a refined sense of detail that gives the big picture its weight and texture.
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Olafur Eliasson in conversation with Tim Morton
Meet Olafur Eliasson in a conversation with Timothy Morton, one of modern philosophy’s most interesting minds. As a philosopher, Morton is an exponent of object-oriented ontology and has among other things earned much attention for his book ‘Hyperobjects: Philosophy and Ecology after the end of the World’ (2013). Eliasson and Morton have many overlapping interests, including the question of man’s evolving relationship to nature and, in a wider perspective, the role of art in such a society. Look forward to an interesting conversation! The event takes place in TELTET in Kgs. Have, Copenhagen 19.00.
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You can still get tickets for…
‘Star Men’ about four outstanding scientists and ageing space pioneers on a life-affirming road trip through the American Southwest or the thrilling ‘Meru’ about three indomitable climbers who try to climb the mythical Mount Meru. Or what about the new short films ’Kwassa Kwassa’, ‘The Digger’ and ‘Faux Départ’ by SUPERFLEX, Ali Cherri and Yto Barrada focusing on exchange and illusions across continents.

See you in the dark!