A guide to the third day of CPH:DOX 2015!

Come to a political pop evening with documentary visuals
A danceable evening dedicated to contrasts, with two iconoclasts from our neighbourly Sweden: musician Jonathan Johansson and documentarist Erik Gandini. They will together present a unique audiovisual experience, where Johansson will provide the music and Gandini politically inspired visuals. The concert is at 21:00 in Bremen.

This evening you also can come to the world premiere of ‘Out and Bad’ which is about gay young men fighting against homophobia in the hedonistic, British dancehall culture. The film will be shown in collaboration with VICE, Noisey and MIX COPENHAGEN LGBT Film Festival. The film will be screening 21:00 in Absalon.

Experience a true British docu-musical
A film with a somewhat different musical starting point is ‘London Road’. A film about the 48-year-old Steven Right, who was found guilty of the murders of five former prostitute women. ‘London Road’ stages the investigative work as a minutely precise, social (sur)realistic docu-musical starring Tom Hardy, where all dialogue is based on the real police interrogations of the frightened and outraged residents – and where almost all of it is sung! The film is shown 16:30 in Bremen.

Truffaut in conversation with Hitchcock
You can also see a film like ‘Hitchcock/Truffaut’, documenting the legendary meeting between the two acclaimed directors Francois Truffaut and Alfred Hitchcock in 1962. A serious and inspiring portrait! The film is shown 18:30 in Bremen.

Reflections and architecture
If you could actually maintain a single memory forever, what would it be? ‘I Remember When I Die’ is a highly original journey in consciousness mystery. The story is based on the life on life’s last stop, a hospice in Denmark. The film screens in Dagmar 19:00. Another film, in which architecture plays a significant role is ‘The Infinite Happiness’ that digs into the iconic building 8Tallet and star architect Bjarke Ingels. Watch the film in Grand 16:40.

Intriguing stories
You can also see two films with a big focus on storytelling. In ‘The Fear of 13’ you can meet the man who asked to be killed. Phenomenal storytelling and fascinating character study, when it simply doesn’t get any better. The film will premiere at 21:30 in Grand. ‘God Bless the Child’‘ is also an exciting and cinematic experience. Five children at home alone in a house in California. An energetic and wild hybrid, where suburban reality and minimal staging become a lively whole. See the film 20:00in Empire.

Environmental films
The environmental alternative is also strong today. You can for instance see ‘Anthropocene’ about the age we live in – the anthropocene era. A film that tells you what it means for humanity to live in a world that we totally dominate. ‘Anthropocene’ will be screening 15:00 in Empire. The film is also shown 15:00 7. November in Kvarterhuset. How do we make sure there is enough food for a planet with 10 billion people? If you want to learn more about your own role in the global food chain, is an instructional appetiser.

Political Party and free drinks in TELTET
This evening REALITY:CHECK will blow the roof of TELTET when Turning Tables presents four of Denmark’s DJs – completely free! Ras Money (AKA Raske Penge), Phase5, LadyBox and DJ Hvad spin music late into the night. The free drinks are sponsored by Jameson and Havana Club.

See the program for today here!