The festival’s first day is over. Here is a guide to what you can see during the festival’s second day.

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Intrigues and scandals in the Russian ballet
Could you for instance be interested in knowing more about the intrigues, jealousy, scandals and the secrets behind the curtains of the Russian ballet? Then you should go and see ‘Bolshoi Babylon’ which uncovers the dark environment behind the glitter and the elegance.
The film will be screening at 17:00 in Empire. You can also see the film at 14:20 on Sunday and meet the director.

FBI and radical circles
Another film with a secret starting point is ‘T(error)’ which is about the 63-year-old Saeed and his work in the FBI. The directors R. Cabral & David Felix Sutcliffe give insight into both sides (!) of America’s controversial fight against terror, where there is a fine balance between preventing a crime – and giving rise to one. The film will be screening at 16:45 in Cinemateket.

The human aspects of being a perpetrator
A film that also deals with crime, is Jonas Poher Rasmussen’s ‘What He Did’. In the film we follow the course of events from the perpetrator’s point of view, and in an honest and sensitive manner we are drawn into the human aspects of having committed a crime. The film will be screening at 21:30 in Dagmar.

Fresh dressed, Banksy and a Berlin-inspired party in Bremen Teater
Friday’s festival programme kick starts your weekend with a bang! ‘Fresh Dressed’ takes you into a world of colors and to the streets of Harlem and Bronx in the 70s, a time when New York were conquered by hip hop and the new street style. The film will be screening 20:00 in Empire. If you want to get your groove on even earlier in the day, you can see ‘Banksy Does New York’ at 16:40in Grand Teatret. And if you just can not get enough of the party vibe, go and see ‘B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West Berlin’ 21:00 in Bremen.

Get out of your comfort zone
… also known as the cinema. You can for instance see ‘Above and Below’ tonight at 21:00 at Kayak Bar. A magnificent, cinematic trip to a post-apocalyptic USA. Subsequently, there will be an after party. If you like a more laid-back afternoon you can come by ’Statens Museum for Kunst’for SMK Fridays from 16:00-22:00 for an evening dedicated to virtual reality.

Adding to this you can also see ‘The Sky Trembles and the Earth is Afraid and the Two Eyes are not Brothers’ – a meta film from the foot of the Atlas mountain following a mystical man or ‘Born To Lose – en film om Lorenzo Woodrose’ , where you can go looking for mushrooms and on a journey of the soul with Denmark’s undisputed king of acid, Lorenzo ‘Guf’ Woodrose…

Stay tuned when we guide you through the Saturday programme tomorrow!