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Experience the Scorsese-film ‘The Last Waltz’ with The Band, Bob Dylan & Neil Young – for 50 DKK.

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In November 1976, the famous rock band/backing group The Band reportedly played their very last concert in the San Francisco venue Winterland.

The show subsequently went down in history as one of the biggest rock concerts – for The Band wasn’t just any band. They were good friends with Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Eric Clapton, Muddy Waters and Van Morrison, to name a few.

And yes. They all performed at the epic farewell concert in November 1976.

In short, this show was just one of those you shouldn’t miss, and a certain Mr. Scorsese knew it well. He documented the whole evening with his camera and turned it in the film ‘The Last Waltz’.

Get ready to rock’n roll

On the occasion of the concert’s 40th anniversary, Bremen and CPH:DOX have teamed up to present ‘The Last Waltz’ on Saturday at Bremen Teater. Before the film the band Lucky Moon, consisting of Christian Helm and Sarah Hepburn, will warm up the audience with a short acoustic live performance of songs from the film, but also their own material from their recently released EP.

So if you weren’t one of the lucky ones to be at the right place in 1970s San Francisco, you now have the chance to experience the concert on the big screen – with big speakers of course. Spend a few hours on Saturday in a world where Neil Young is still young, where Clapton fumbles a solo and the hit ‘Helpless’ brings the crowd to the floor.

Nearly the world’s best rock documentary

On the American magazine Rolling Stone’s list of the 40 best rock documentaries throughout the ages ‘The Last Waltz’ comes in second places, only succeeded by ‘Don’t Look Back’.

They write: “This concert film is, first and foremost, a celebration of the American-Canadian quintet who helped bring our nation’s musical past into the present”. Especially the music and sound quality of the film is described in close detail:

“Sure, The Last Waltz is nostalgic, but the richness of the music and the overpoweringly elegiac tone give the film a timelessness that’s transporting. Even Neil Diamond kills”.

‘The Last Waltz’. Mini-concert and film. Saturday 12th of November. Bremen Teater. Doors at 19:00 PM, mini-concert at 20:00 PM, film 20:20 PM. Tickets: 50 DKK.  

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