Date: March 5th 2017

Time: 10:00 – 1:30 pm

Everyday Project has the last three months been focusing on the happy and less happy experiences and thoughts parents go through when they become mothers and fathers.

In a time where social media confronts us with glorified images of the most happy family times, there is rarely room for sharing the difficult experiences. However statistics tell us that one in every third or fourth woman and eight men experience what is named as postpartum depression when they become parents. Do we have too high expectations around the social role of mothers and fathers?

On an archieve of the more challenging stories around the role of mothers and fathers in our society has been born. In line with the concept behind Everyday, the open platform continues to invite more video stories on the topic, and act as an open source for sharing and reflection.

Come join us and listen to honest personal experiences on a big screen, learn more about postpartum depression and engage in debates around the norms for parenthood.

And don’t forget to bring along your family and friends.


10:00 am: Welcome by Everyday

10:10 am: Showing of four videos from the Blood, Sweat & Dirty Diapers focus

10:30 am: Q & A with the people behind from the videos

11:00 am: Short break

11:15 am: Introduction to postpartum depression, the different types and how to handle it, by psychotherapist and couples therapist Anne-Clari from the Gaia Institute

11:30 am: On men and fathers’ psychological reactions by psychologist Svend Aage Madsen

11:45 am: Expert in women’s postpartum depressions Laura Vilsgaard about women’s experiences with becoming mothers

12:00 pm: How men experience and embrace the father identity by family therapist Torben Pedersen Skovby

12:15 pm: Open debate between the experts and audience

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