Come see the Norwegian disco-documentary ‘Northern Disco Lights’ and share your best disco moves during the live concert with Lindstrøm and after party at CPH:DOX’s triple-disco-bang.

When you think about Norway, do you think brown cheese, beanies and drittkul doruller? Think again!

We saw it in SKAM. Our Northern sister country can do a bit of everything. And that includes firing up a great disco party!

CPH:DOX will hang the Nordic disco ball in Copenhagen on Saturday March 18 in Bremen Teater.

The evening will start with the international premiere of the Norwegian disco documentary ‘Northern Disco Lights’ in Bremen Teater’s spacious cinema. ‘Northern Disco Lights’ is the story of how the Nordic region’s coolest music came out from the coldest place, and how a world which had buried the disco genre rediscovered it via the Norwegian electronic disco-revolution of the 80s. A genre that is still alive and well today with sparkling disco starts like Todd Terje and Lindstrøm.

The will warm up the dance floor with a live concert in Bremen’s lobby after the screening. With its cool mix of house and space-disco, the Norwegian Lindstrøm is the devil bastard child of The Knife and Giorgio Moroder. A name recognised not only at home, but also on the International stage – in 2010 he played at Roskilde Festival.

After the documentary and Lindstrøm concert, Natbar’s DJs Christian D’Or and Soul Shaker will play great disco all night, which is guaranteed to get some legs moving.

About ‘Northern Disco Lights’

In the northernmost, coldest part of our sister country, isolated from civilisation and culture, starting a group of teenagers with pseudonyms as DJ Strange Fruit and Mental Overdrive, a radio station in the city of Tromsø. Armed with a rare vinyls and atypical DJ sets, a group of passionate music geeks spread their idiosyncratic mix of disco and Scandinavian melancholy.


Lindstrom (live) vs. ‘Nordic Disco Lights’

Bremen Theatre, Nyropsgade 39-41, 1602 Copenhagen V

March 18, 2017

Doors open 20:00, Film 21:00, Concert 22:30

Price: 145