We met up with DOX:AWARD nominee Márcio Laranjeira to talk about ‘A Girl of Her Age’ that has its international premiere at the 13th edition of the documentary film festival.

What is it that you wish to tell with ‘A Girl of Her Age’

– When I started the making of this movie I wanted to address the underappreciating for the acceptance of a lower life. “Lower” because the dreams we had were undervalued. Crisis in Portugal generated an obedience to the fear of not knowing what tomorrow might be. The people have voted for austerity. I wanted to talk about those, who have refused to listen to the new order dictated by the media every day, every hour. I’ve found people who were adrift because government funding had been cut, as well as cinema. I’ve discovered Mariana. But with her I’ve discovered that refusal isn’t solely a protest. We were lost. That’s what the film ended up being, discovering the place we live in and who we are in it. It’s her story, as I can tell it. The story of a girl, who refused to live a reality that’s not hers. Thinking on it as a fantasy would be an imposition of the same reality on everyone. This imposed reality wasn’t enough.

What do you hope ‘A Girl of Her Age’ will result in?

– I made the movie with a very little budget, counted on my closest friends. While I was doing it and imaging it as a whole, I’ve expected to open on a movie theatre, I didn’t want it to be a refuge of Mariana, Sérgio (director of photography) and myself anymore. I want to keep sharing it, I want it to reach whoever wants to receive it, to move whoever feels motivated. I’ve involved myself deeply in a process of our own and found it disconcerting that people would appropriate themselves of the movie and feel it as their own. Now it’s me following it and again discovering myself on that journey.

How did you feel when you found out that you were nominated in DOX:AWARD at CPH:DOX?

– Felt puzzled. Thought the movie hadn’t a place because of the way I tell this story, I was lulled by what happens to Mariana, on that misunderstanding of not following the advised order so everything goes well, I believed her for feeling the same way… that affected me. Recent years came ungrateful, I had to believe in myself while not working, without money for making a movie about someone who’s not currently looking for a job that may provide. I’ve lived on a fictional self-confidence that destructed and reconstructed itself daily. CPH:DOX response was immediate as soon as they’ve watched the movie. In a sense it was very fulfilling, on the other hand didn’t match with my own defenses. I’m still discovering how I feel.


‘A Girl of Her Age’ will screen on November 12, 16:45 at Cinemateket and November 15, 19:00 at Dagmar Teatret. Read more about the film here