CPH:DOX met up with DOX:AWARD nominee Joao Paulo Cuenca ‘The Death of J. P. Cuenca’ that has its International premiere at the 13th edition of the documentary film festival.

What is it that you wish to tell with the documentary?

– Actually, I wanted to ask some questions about identity and about how we understand identity. How Rio de Janerio is destroying some identities in some neighborhoods and creating new ones. And by raising those questions, creating a cinematic experience, creating a place. This film is all about the place where the film is set. The film only exists because of the place, where my identity was stolen. The void of the identity crisis of the city. The opportunity to discuss personal questions, which relate directly to a big place – that is the city. That was something that I didn’t want to miss. That’s why the film exists. If the guy had died at another place or neighborhood then the film wouldn’t have existed.

What do you hope the documentary will result in?

– I really wanted to make an experience, a cinematic experience, a place where you go in and get out with questions that are completely different here than if you are in Rio. In Rio they have a completely different meaning.

How did you feel when you found out that you were nominated in DOX:AWARD at CPH:DOX?

– I was very happy when I found out that I was nominated. Because this festival is a land mark for this kind of movie that I am doing. Here it feels like home. It fits to the film I have made. It might even be better understood here than in my own country.


Meet the director on November 12 at 19:15 at Cinemateket. Read more about ‘The Death of J. P. Cuenca’ here