We met up with the DOX:AWARD nominee Antoine Viviani to talk about ‘In Limbo’ that has its world premiere at the 13th edition of the documentary film festival.

What is it that you wish to tell with ‘In Limbo’?

– ‘In Limbo’ tries to tell how mankind tried to create its own afterlife, by building a world of digital memory and developing the Internet. How its insane and immoderate desire to escape death, and the death of every moment, is renewed in a very powerful way thanks to a new faith in technology and in the network that is gathering us all.

– We are all part of this, and this film want to capture a glimpse of the feeling of vertigo that accompany this very lyrical choreography at the scale of planet, the essence, the myths, the fears, the dreams, of our new data world. The nostalgia that is already inside the head of our new global brain.

What do you hope ‘In Limbo’ will result in?

– I want it to be seen by a large audience. My ambition is that it can talk to almost anybody and I hope this nomination will help with that.

How did you feel when you were nominated in DOX:AWARD at CPH:DOX?

– I was in a small tree house in the mountains in Corsica, when I learnt I was nominated, a very strange and magic place where I at the same time felt very much connected and disconnected, playing music and reading a lot. I felt very happy, flattered and lucky. I’ve never been to Copenhagen and I’m very excited to discover the festival.

Meet the director tomorrow at the screening of ‘In Limbo’ in Grand Teatret at 21:30. Read more about the documentary here