On Monday November 2, CPH:DOX invites you for a dark night with cult film and post-rock with documentary and concert at Christiania.

’Goodspeed You! Black Emperor’ is both the name of a post-rock band created in the 90s and a japanese black and white documentary from 1976. Both have just been added to the CPH:DOX’s list of concerts AUDIO:VISUALS with a special event consisting of a screening in Christiania’s movie theatre Byens Lys, followed by a concert in Den Grå Hal. The event at Christiania is the first and only on the band’s tour, where the documentary and the concert will be combined.

Wailing guitars and swirling drums
Godspeed You! Black Emperor is off the post-rock school where ambient soundscapes cross swords with screaming guitars and swirling drums. On the one hand it shares its scratchy and noisy soundscapes with the band Mogwai while the its delicate and spherical sounds share resemblance to Icelandic Sigur Ros.

At the concert in Den Grå Hal on November 2, the band -consisting of nine members- will be accompanied by new enchanting visuals from the film artist Karl Lemieux.

Black-and-White Cult Classic
The band Godspeed You! Black Emperor named themselves after the Japanese cult classic by the same name. The film from 1976 which is directed by Mitsuo Yanagimachi, will be screened prior to the concert- with a special introduction from the band. The film follows a young Japanese man who is a member of the motorcycle club ‘Black Emperors’. His relationship to his parents radically changes when he gets in trouble with the police. The motorcycle club ‘Black Emperors’ is best known for their use of the Swastika Nazi symbol.

’Godspeed You! Black Emperor’ is a typical low budget film from the Japanese new-wave movement. It is shot in black-and-white in cinéma-vérité which is known by using 16 mm cameras and light recorders.

Visual concerts at CPH:DOX
CPH:DOX is the third largest documentary film festival in the world and beside 200 different documentaries the festival also presents a number of parties, off-beat events, debates, talks, Q&A’s and concerts. CPH:DOX takes place during 5.-15. November 2015.

CPH-DOX’s concert-series AUDIO:VISUALS counts about 20 concerts which all are featured with a visual aspect. So far artists such as Thurston Moore, Den Sorte Skole og Matana Roberts have been confirmed. The final music program, which also contains about 20 music documentaries, will be announced on September 24. CPH:DOX’s final program will be launched the 16th of October.

Information about the concert
CPH:DOX’s double arrangement with Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Tickets for the documentary and concert are sold seperately:

The documentary ’Godspeed You! Black Emperor’ is being shown on November 2, at 6pm in Byens Lys at Christiania. Tickets are available here.

The concert with Godspeed You! Black Emperor takes place on November 2, at 8pm in Den Grå Hal at Christiania. Tickets are available here.

Facts about the band Goodspeed You! Black Emperor
Godspeed You! Black Emperor started in the 1990s as a trio before they decided to transform the group into a larger band. The band recruited members in the mid-nineties and at one point they consisted of 14 musicians. In 2003, the band announced an indefinite hiatus but the band finally reconvened for a tour beginning in late 2010. In October 2012, the band released its fourth album, ‘Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!’.

The album won the Canadian ’Polaris Music Prize’ in 2013 but the band only accepted the prize on the condition that the enclosed cheque would be donated to the prison in Quebec.