CPH:DOX’s concert series AUDIO:VISUALS are taking shape – now with two films and subsequent concerts added to the programme. This year, CPH:DOX will once again offer a cornucopia of music documentaries and live concerts.

The whole CPH:DOX music programme will be announced on February 17 and launched at a sold out Bowie evening in Bremen Teater, but today we reveal a little more of this year’s programme. The concerts add to the already confirmed line-up of a timelapse performance with Tindersticks and a class A audiovisual experience with (Animal-collective member) Avey Tare and Abby Portner, but also artists like Jacques Greene and Itasca.

The performances announced today are of two completely different genres. The festival’s first day, March 16, will literally hit you hard with the world premiere of ‘The Allins’ about one of rock’s music most iconic figures, GG Allin, followed by a live concert with Lesion and the Danish hardcore heroes Halsug at Pumpehuset.

It will be a different nostalgic ambience on March 22, when you will be able to experience a reunion from one of the most influential chapters in indie music history at Pumpehuset. The festival will screen the International premiere of the film ‘Lost in France’ about the independent label in Glasgow, Chemikal Underground, traveling to the village of Mauron in France, before Emma Pollock and Paul Savage from The Delgados and RM Hubbert (guitarist Alex Kapranos’ first band The Blisters), who are all involved in the film, will perform a special concert.

Double-punk bash with GG Allin and Halshug

GG Allins was one of the most boundless, extreme and self-destructive rock’n’roll musicians in history. He died from a heroin overdose in 1993, being only 37 years old. The award-winning director Sami Saif gives the documentary ‘The Allins’ a loving and touching insight into how GG Allin’s death has affected his family, even 20 years later. The brother keeps alive the myth of GG Allin through the sale of merchandise and by maintaining their band, Murder Junkies, while his mother is trying to forget the memories she has of her son as a destructive celebrity. ‘The Allins’ tells the story of a childhood marked by violence and neglect, and is a strong story about family, heritage, loss and love.

After the wold premiere of ’The Allins’ in Grand Teater, the deceased provocateur will be celebrated with a concert at Pumpehuset a few hundred meters away. CPH:DOX will commemorate the musician who has shown a long scabby middle finger to conventions and good taste, once the band Lesion and the acclaimed Danish GG disciples Halshug will shake Pumpehuset’s foundations with the fiercest hardcore. Halshug’s debut album ‘Blood Band’ was voted the year’s album by Ekstra Bladet in 2015, and at the concert in Pumpehuset they will not only perform those songs but shake the audience in a way that would make the deceased hero proud.

NOTE: Before the concert, Sami Saif will give a talk at Pumpehuset. With a ticket from the screening in Grand you will get a half price ticket for the concert at Pumpehuset.

Chemical Underground Revisited vs. ‘Lost in France’ 

The film will turn into reality when CPH:DOX will host the live reunion between Emma Pollock and Paul Savage from The Delgados and RM Hubbert (guitarist Alex Kapranos’ first band The Blisters) during a nostalgic concert at Pumpehuset. The three musicians were all signed at an independent record company based in Glasgow, Chemikal Underground, and are the main characters of the film ‘Lost in France’, which will open the evening.

Back in the 90s, the newly established record label signed a handful of young, aspiring Scottish bands who went on to mark the musical industry. 20 years later the director Niall McCann travels with, among others, Mogwai frontman Stuart Braithwaite, Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand, The Blisters), RM Hubbert and the couple from The Delgados back to the village of Mauron in Western France. Here they formed a small, charming festival, which became the setting for Glasgow’s burgeoning music scene back in the 90s, where post-rock and indie pop set the new agenda. In other words, a very nostalgic evening celebrating the indie music spirit.


Halshug + Lesion vs. ‘The Allin’s (16 March 2017)

18:45: ‘The Allins’ at Grand Teater.
Tickets 85 kr here

20:00 Concert with Hulshug + Lesion at Pumpehuset. Doors open: 20:00, director talk at 20:30, concert at 21:00.

Tickets 80 DKK here (show your film ticket at the door and get the concert ticket at half price – not applicable for resale).

Chemikal Underground Revisited vs. ‘Lost in France’ (22 March 2017)

‘Lost in France’ in the Pumpehuset (film start 20, doors open 19:30), followed by a concert with musicians from The Delgados, Mogwai, etc. Tickets for both: 150 DKK here