Enjoy Tindersticks and Animal Collective member Avey Tare with his sister Abby Portner in a particularly pleasant and comfortable setting at Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

Music lovers, connoisseurs, aesthetes and everyone who loves to chill out in bed – this one’s for you.

When CPH:DOX, begins its concert series for the 2017 edition it will be with two unique concerts experiences beyond the unusual.

Animal Collective member Avey Tare and his sister Abby Portner’s audiovisual performance on March 16, and Tindersticks’ two timelapse concerts on March 19 will both take place at CPH:DOX’s new designer sofa cinema. Festival guests can look forward to enjoying the concert while sitting in Normann Copenhagen’s lounge sofas, something that you rarely experience at a festival concert.

Psych-electronic, soul & jazz

The opening concert of our series AUDIO:VISUALS will be the powerful sibling duo Dave (Avey Tare) and Abby Portner. Avey Tare is the singer and songwriter from Animal Collective, while the artist Abby Portner is affiliated with the group as a visual artist – and together they will transform CPH:DOX’s new festival centre Kunsthal Charlottenborg into a melting pot of psych-electronic music and spacey visuals.

Tindersticks, one of the most legendary bands from the alternative music scene, is playing at the designer sofa cinema on March 19. Here, the alternative rock band, with roots in both soul and jazz, will perform two beautiful and whimsical concerts at the unique venue Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

Social Cinema

It is the first time that the art centre’s biggest and most spectacular cinema room will be decorated with design sofas from the festival’s main sponsor, Normann Copenhagen. There, the festival-goers will enjoy the concerts while comfortably sitting in Normann Copenhagen’s stylish sofas.

The redesign is curated by CPH:DOX’s creative collective (Maria Bruun, Anne Dorthe Vester and Mattia Maso) in close collaboration with Normann Copenhagen designers, Hans Hornemann and Britt Bonnesen. The art centre’s largest room, the Social Cinema-room is decorated entirely with Normann Copenhagen ‘Rope’ modular sofas, designed by Hans Hornemann.