On Thursday November 19, CPH:DOX, Smash! Bang! Pow! and Vega invite you to the last CPH:DOX concert with Deerhunter and Atlas Sound: a double concert with the same front man.

Deerhunter will drop their new album ‘Fading Frontier’ on October 16, and about a month later the band will stop by CPH:DOX, which they also visited back in 2007 – back then at Loppen. The band sits high – if not at the very top – in the alternative rock scene with their very particular fusion of uncompromising noise rock, dreamy shoegaze and catchy indie rock. Quivering and spherical, Deerhunter’s music is strewn over the listener with simultaneously romantic undertones and strong rock phrasing. Only few bands such as Deerhunter can both get their audience dreaming far out into space while making their body shake in ecstatic spams.

Visual surprise and uncompromised performance
When Deerhunter plays at Vega on November 19, the warm up will consist of Atlas Sound, Deerhunter front man Bradford Cox’s solo pseudonym, a product of creative and provocative vision. And if that wasn’t enough, the evening will include a special CPH:DOX visual surprise which will be announced later.
Deerhunter, and especially Bradford Cox, is known for providing unique, uncompromising performances. “I am a terrorist. As a homosexual, my job is to simply sodomize mediocrity”, Cox said a few years ago about his approach to live shows. The lead singer is often described as a cross between Iggy Pop and Karen O, and last year he even played a role as a junkie in the Oscar-nominated ‘Dallays Buyer’s Club.’ In other words a very versatile man, which will be the focus of the evening.
When Deerhunter played in 2014 at the Arena at Roskilde Festival, Kim Skotte from Politiken rated if four stars, writing: “Bradford Cox is a man who goes his own way and doesn’t bother with the noble art of compromise. Rock guitar as a sound experiment has been crowned today.” Read the full review here.

Visual concerts at CPH:DOX
CPH:DOX is the world’s third largest documentary festival, which besides screening 200 different documentaries each year presents the festival with a multitude of parties, nonconformist events, debates, talks, Q&A’s and concerts. CPH:DOX will take place from November 5-15.
CPH:DOX’s concert series AUDIO:VISUALS counts about 20 concerts, all accompanied by a visual performance. The concerts already announced are that of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Thurston Moore, Den Sorte Skole and Mantana Roberts. The final music programme, which will also include about 20 music films, will be announced on September 24. The general festival programme will be announced on October 16.

Practical information:
CPH:DOX AUDIO:VISUALS: Deerhunter+Atlas Sound
November 19  at  20:00
Store Vega.

Tickets here