When CPH:DOX opens its doors for the thirteenth edition of the festival in November, it will present an abundant programme with over 200 of the best documentaries from around the world, including 60 world premieres, 18 European premieres and 14 international premieres, as well as plenty of concerts, nonconformist events, Q&As, parties, a democracy meeting, laboratories, exhibitions, two conferences and much more.

Where to start? A good place is CPH:DOX’s main competition, DOX:AWARD, our selection of this year’s best international documentaries from around the world. Here, you can lose yourself in ‘The Letters’, a dark, Mexican film about a political miscarriage of justice, or sit back and enjoy the indescribably aesthetically pleasing ‘Lost & Beautiful’ with fables, fantasy but also factual reality. And then comes ‘A Good American’, following in Citizenfour’s footsteps with a deeply disturbing docu-thriller about William Binney’s programme ‘Thinthread’ that could have prevented 9/11, but was cancelled by the NSA.

Politics! Climate, migration and extremism

Last year, CPH:DOX launched the Megatrends initiative, which this year has developed into the concept REALITY:CHECK, created in collaboration with Politiken. REALITY:CHECK is a brand new democracy laboratory, which through talks, workshops, discussions, film screenings and parties measures reality and tests democracy in the year 2015.

In relation to this, the festival has two political guest-curators on the programme. Activist and author Naomi Klein, along with director Avi Lewis, have selected10 films that suggest how political commitment, artistic originality and strong narratives can make a difference.

Contemporary artist Olafur Eliasson has also selected films for CPH:DOX, which, like his own work, are based on the physical world around us and examine the huge, human-induced changes we are going through right now – with special focus on the Anthropocene. The two guest curated programmes form the core of CPH:DOX’s political agenda, which this year focus on climate change in preparation for COP 21 in November.

You will also find political films at this year’s F:ACT Award, the competition for investigative journalism, where you can get informed with films about Russian oligarchs, anti-cult crusades and Islamic extremism. This year, CPH:DOX also puts a special focus on the refugee crisis with the series Borderline. In the series, eight films tell the human stories behind the headlines and try to come up with alternative solutions to the refugee crisis.

Special focus! Alternative Formats, Crime Wave and Science

Apart from Borderline, CPH:DOX sets the focus on four special themes for the 2015 programme. Alternative Formats is a series of experiences that take the film out of the screen and place it in reality – literally. Here you can see the beat-poetry film ‘Stand By For Tape Back-Up” which will be live narrated, and you can see Michael Madsen give a performance that evokes the films directly in your brain. Crime Wave focuses on the ultimate tabloid genre, which has made a comeback in the wake of the success phenomena ‘The Jinx’ and ‘Serial’. Here you will find films about serial killers, cannibals, hypothetical crimes and a prison Houdini.

The field between science and documentary is constantly growing, and the films in the category Before and After Science give you the latest and most fascinating research in a visual form. The last special category is Under the Asphalt, the Beach!, situated on the border between art and documentary, a series of hand-picked wild and imaginative films, which leads us too…

Art! Hypothetical realists and boundary-pushing experiments

CPH:DOX’s programme is always characterised by a strong focus on the arts. Competing for the NEW:VISION Award are a variety of challenging and taboo-breaking films that have come straight from the artistic biennales and exhibitions worldwide. Here you will experience the new work of Tsai Ming-Liang or get a hypnotic gaze into the essence of war with ‘Fragment 53’. The art programme will also feature numerous exhibitions and installations in galleries around Copenhagen, all at the intersection between art and documentary.

Familiar! Nordic and Danish documentaries

Something a little more down-to-earth can be found in this year’s NORDIC:DOX Award with some of the best current Nordic documentaries. Here you can learn about Swedish ghost-rockets, meet the 72-year-old and four times world champion in weightlifting, who is competing again (!), get under the skin of the employees of a former Bolivian airline or experience the world from the point of view of the 10-year-old asylum seeker Magomed in the Danish film ‘A Home in the World’.

The Danish documentaries are also strong in this year’s programme, including a poetic and thrilling film about base jumping, a new political film with the activist Nielsen, a portrait of the world’s best restaurant, Noma, and a film about the grand man of Danish design, Børge Mogensen.

GREAT documentaries! Hits & Auteurs

This year’s TOP:DOX selection is about great films – big budgets, great stories, great audiences! Learn how to change the world with Greenpeace, dive under the surface and meet the soon-to-be extinct sea creatures, enter the ring of the world’s most bolted bullfighter and join photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand around the globe.

You can also learn more about great personalities such as Malala, Marlon Brando, Monty Python, Steve Jobs, Hitchock, Truffaut, HR Giger, Banksy, The Yes Men, Russel Brand – and the series Artists & Auteurs present films by Christopher Nolan, Roberto Minervini, Frederick Wiseman, Nikolaus Geyrhalter, Thom Anderson and Sergei Loznitsa.


This year, CPH:DOX also presents two conferences: CPH:CONFERENCE – art, technology and change, and F:ACT CONFERENCE – new media, new realities. There you can meet Peter Sunde (ex The Pirate Bay), Charlotte Cook (Field of Vision), Jesse Kriss (NASA) og Felix Hallwachs (Little Sun). You can also experience virtual reality during CPH:DOX’s 10-day free VR-Lab, located in the meatpacking district.

Last but not least: CPH:DOX also offers 19 documentaries, 21 unique concerts, 14 special events and parties, director interviews, Q&As, debates, a virtual reality lab, two conferences, a pitching forum, a talent laboratory, the opening gala at Copenhagen Concert Hall and much more.

This year’s programme is obviously a true docu-wonderland for the people of Copenhagen. If you do not live in the capital, do not worry: CPH:DOX is coming to your back yard, with screenings across Zealand, Aarhus and Scania with DOX:ON:TOUR.

Find the entire festival programme and hurry up to book your tickets at cphdox.dk. See you at the cinema!


The winners in the four main competitions at CPH:DOX will receive 38.000 DKK. Juries will determine the winners.

The winners of Politiken’s Audience Award will receive 50.000 DKK. The winner will be determined through an audience vote (via SMS).

The winners will be announced at CPH:DOX’s closing ceremony on Friday November 13 2015.