CPH:LAB is a platform for experimentation and collaboration across film, art and technology with the aim to support independent filmmakers in finding new aesthetic perspectives and new ways of reaching audiences.  

From March 16-26, we will bring together emerging and established talent across film, art and technology to develop interdisciplinary project concepts and advance new visions of what film can be.

The digital shift is changing our lives. New technologies are generating a wealth of opportunities for creating and experiencing audiovisual material, and the centrality of film in social discourse is now challenged by a variety of media ranging from serial television to YouTube memes to virtual reality and augmented reality games like Pokémon Go.

CPH:LAB is a response to these changes. For the past nine years, the lab has focused on bringing together emerging filmmakers and connecting them with resources to produce new films. In 2017, CPH:LAB will transcend the limits of traditional film and documentary practices by developing projects that harness the potential of new media, technologies, and distribution methods.

The seven participating teams and their projects are:

Ester Martin Bergsmark (filmmaker) and Anastasis Germanidis (AI developer & artist)
The coexistence of capitalism and democracy may have passed its peak — is the system using the language of human rights to protect its own narrative of the good state while hiding the apparatus of domination, even from the dominant themselves? This work proposes a visualization of the non-linear irrational body of a modern state: Is it possible to uncover its algorithms? Is it possible to crack the code that dehumanizes persons?

Brett Gaylor (filmmaker, Mozilla foundation), Henrik Moltke (filmmaker & journalist), Callum Cooper (filmmaker) and Brian Chirls (VR data visualization), Hang Do Thi Duc (technologist)
The amount of information being collected on the private lives of citizens is without precedent. The team’s project employs the users personal data to reveal the extent of this growing practice.

Simon Lajboschitz (VR entrepreneur) and Katrin Olafsdottir (filmmaker) 
Six participants enter a space in VR where they experience a scifi sacred ritual through 360° live stream. They can influence the energetic flow of the ritual through the intensity of their own movements (holding hands, dancing in circles, singing etc). As in tribal rituals the individual self migrates towards a communal self – creating a sci-fi spiritual experience in VR.

Phie Ambo (filmmaker), Theis Schmidt (film editor), Alyce Currier (technologist), Leah Borromeo (journalist, activist, filmmaker)
This project is giving visibility to people who assert their humanist values and show us how courage and moral certainty can be driving forces in our societies. Numerous filmmakers will produce short profiles of those who are working to effect positive change; the aim of the lab is to build an international campaign movement around the film components to share them online and offline.

Michelangelo Frammartino (filmmaker) and Peter Albrechtsen (sound designer)
Exploring caves is a journey into the unknown. We are disconnected from the eternal rhythm of night and day and need to redefine the use of our senses. Sound becomes an important tool to experience the world underground. Michelangelo Frammartino will be working with renowned sound designer Peter Albrechtsen to develop a language of the timeless and dark spaces beneath the surface of the earth.

Pia Ilonka Schengen Jensen (visual anthropologist) and Luca Tóth (animation filmmaker)
The shamanic journey is an inward journey through the unconscious, lead by drumming, rhythm and sound vibration. The traveller embarks on a path to knowledge full of allegoric and often very colourful manifestations. The objective of this project is to create an animated VR visualization of such a journey based on interviews with people who have experienced it.

Mazdak Nassir (filmmaker and space entrepreneur) and Alexander Wilson (posthumanist researcher)
The 21st century might bring about a new evolutionary step for humankind- technologies that will greatly enhance our intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities will change our current conceptions of what reality is. It seems to be the right moment to recap the properties and qualities that define us as human and explore our collective imagination for visions of possible future worlds.

The lab is curated by producer Susanne Marian and researcher Colin McSwiggen.

CPH:LAB is made possible with the kind support from Det Obelske Familiefond, Nordisk Kulturfond and The Danish Film Institute.