Andreas Koefoed’s new film ‘A Home in the World’ will have its world premiere during CPH:DOX, will hold a simultaneous screening in the country after the festival and has inspired a new theme for the platform Everyday.

What is like  being an asylum-seeking child? The question is raised by the highly topical film ‘A Home in the World’, which CPH:DOX will be showing in Copenhagen during the festival, in Zealand under DOX:ON:TOUR, and in libraries and schools across the country during a simultaneous screening on November 19. At the same time, CPH:DOX’s online video platform Everyday launches a theme called ‘Everyday at Home’ to encourage Danes to share their own stories of home.

A gripping film through children’s eyes
‘A Home in the World’ by Andreas Koefoed tells the story of being a refugee child – seen through the eyes of 10-year-old Magomed. Magomed is a pensive boy from Chechnya who has just arrived to Denmark seeking asylum. His father was both threatened and tortured by Russians and hopes to stay in Denmark, where Magomed has made new friends and started Danish lessons.

Screening and debate
The film will hold its world premiere on Thursday November 5 at 19:00 at Grand Teater, where Andreas Koefoed will participate in a Q&A and a subsequent debate on the current refugee crisis. Afterwards, the film will be shown in several places around the country under DOX:ON:TOUR and hold a large-scale simultaneous screening on Thursday November 19 on the occasion of the United Nations Children’s Day on November 20.

The debate on the flow of refugees and asylum rules has long been on the agenda in Denmark, but the tragically large number of refugees in the world has brought urgency to the debate. This debate is often accused of being both alienating and hollow because the questions are so difficult and the problem is so big. With a simultaneous screening across the country (which so far will take place in over 20 different locations), CPH:DOX wants to engage a wide audience – while getting them to think about what it means to have and not to have a home.

Contribute now
In connection with ‘A Home in the World’ CPH:DOX’s digital video platform Everyday launches a new theme called ‘Everyday at Home’ on October 6. Here Everyday asks Danes from across the country to tell their own stories about their homes. The best film from Everyday will be shown as a preview to the screening of ‘A Home in the World’ on November 13 at CPH:DOX.

By uploading your own story on you will take part in the competition and have a chance to have your film shown at CPH:DOX before the screening of ‘A Home in the World’. The winner will be announced during a special Everyday evening on November 9 2015.

Keep your eyes open for announcements on for the dates of screenings of ‘A Home in the World’ across the country. Tickets on sale from October 16.

Practical info:
World premiere Thursday November 5 at Grand and screenings in Copenhagen during CPH:DOX.
DOX:ON:TOUR screenings: Ishøj, Køge and Hvalsø (more at
Simultaneous screening in over 20 libraries and schools throughout the country on November 19.

If you would you like your library to participate in the nationwide screening of ‘A Home in the World’ on November 19, please contact the project manager Marie Ørbæk at