Good news for all documentary lovers of Amager: for the first time CPH:DOX comes to the Eastern part of Copenhagen with interesting and entertaining documentaries and events.

When CPH:DOX takes place November 5-15, it will host as much as seven events on Amager. You can see, among others, the sustainability documentary ‘Bike vs. Cars’ in Kvarterhuset where Lasse Scheldt from Bicycle Innovation Lab will introduce the film.

Also, two films with a strong environmental focus are ‘How to Change the World’ and ’10 Billion – What’s on your plate?’. The former is about the inspirational activist and co-founder of Greenpeace, Robert Hunter, while the latter is about how humans must share the resources on the planet so that all the 10 billion people can get enough to eat. After the screening at Amager Miljøpunkt and Kompostbudene will host a plant workshop focusing on urban gardening.

The satiric activist duo The Yes Men will also come by Kulturhuset Islands Brygge with their always (thought) provoking agendas. Here you will get a unique opportunity to experience the renowned and sharp duo in their latest film ‘The Yes Men Are Revolting’. The film ‘Racing Extinction’ also belongs in the activist department. The Oscar-winning director of ‘The Cove’ has made a documentary about the world’s endangered species. After the screening CPH:DOX invites you to a debate with WWF’s Gitte Seeberg, TV host Line Friis Frederiksen and Rasmus Ejrnæs from the Institute of Bioscience.

Children activities and architecture
There is also something for the younger audience when CPH:DOX visits Amager, specifically at the Grønne Friskole. Here you can see the film ‘Josefine’s Farm’ on the energetic and enterprising 7-year-old Josefine – the real life answer to Emil from Lönneberga. Before the screening, a panel of both current Ramasjang editor Pelle Moller, former Ramasjang editor and current children’s film consultant Ulla Hæstrup and nature guide Jes Aagaard hold a nuanced debate on what we should, can and must show children and what requires explanation.

If you prefer architecture, you can hop on the metro to Vestamager when we present a special film night with the resident of the 8Tallet building. You can see the film ‘The Infinite Happiness’, which is a warm mosaic tale of the architect Bjarke Ingels’ unique creation told through the residents’ daily life in the building.

If you still feel like more documentaries and events, you can read about CPH:DOX’s full programme here.


Screenings and events on Amager

Thursday November 5,  17:00
CPH:DOX viser filmen ’Josefines Bondegård’ på Den Grønne Friskole, hvor der også er debat børn og naturen.

Friday November 6, 16:30
CPH:DOX and Miljøpunkt Amager screen the film ’How to Change the World’ at Kvarterhuset.

Saturday November 7, 15.00
CPH:DOX and Miljøpunkt Amager screen the film ’10 Billion – What’s on your plate?’ at Kvarterhuset. You can hear about how to grow your own vegetables on your window will during the plant workshop on urban gardening.

Sunday, November 8 at 16:00
CPH:DOX comes to Cafe 8Taller at Richard Mortensens Vej 81. From there we will head to the 8Taller building where the film ’The Infinite Happiness’ will be shown.

Monday November 9, 16:30
At Kulturhuset Islands Brygge you can meet The Yes Men and see their newest film ’The Yes Men Are Revolting’.

Monday November 9, 18:30
CPH:DOX and Miljøpunkt Amager show the film ’Racing Extinction’ and stimulate debate with WWF General Secretary Gitte Seeberg, biologist and TV host Line Friis Frederiksen and debater, author and senior scientist of the Institute of Bioscience (Aarhus University) Rasmus Ejrnæs.