The festival will host a virtual reality lab, a cryptoparty, a Wikipedia edit-a-thon, welcome hackers and whistleblowers, as well as a wide range of films that explore technology’s glittering world.

CPH:DOX’s new democracy laboratory REALITY:CHECK, created in collaboration with Politken, is part of CPH:DOX’s high focus on technology in 2015. Through talks, workshops and parties, REALITY:CHECK aims to take the pulse of reality – including something that has taken more or less control of our lives: technology.

Come to the crypto party where security journalist Quinn Norton, filmmaker Friedrich Moser and NSA whistleblowers Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe will give you the tools to manage your digital life. You can also join a Wikipedia edit-a-thon in the name of feminism, and meet Bitbureau’s Henrik Chulu or hear about Iceland’s constitution, which is crowdsourced! The REALITY:CHECK events are free or cost 85kr.

The festival also sets a big four on virtual reality (VR). You can attend the VR:LAB, a workshop dedicated to new, virtual narrative forms situated in the Meatpacking District. There is a free workshop every day between November 6 and November 11, while 10 new directors and 10 producers create 10 new works that will be showcased at the end of the festival.

CPH:CONFERENCE examines how art and creativity can create change with the use of new technology. Here you can meet Peter Sunde, co-founder and ex-spokesperson for The Pirate Bay, Tim Pool, Director of Media Innovation at Fusion, and an extra focus on VR with Christian Stephen, Global Editor at RYOT News and BeAnotherLab. There is a half price discount to the conference for students.

Technology on the big screen
Of course, the festival also offers a cornucopia of tech-documentaries. You can attend the world premiere of ‘A Good American’, the deeply disturbing docu-thriller about the big data system Thinthread that could have prevented 9/11 but was stopped by the lies and corruption at the NSA – and meet the man behind it – William Binney. ‘Alice Cares’ explores the phenomenon of social robots while ‘Disaster Playground’ examines a hypothetical sci-fi scenario a la Armageddon, and Tilda Swinton guides you through the technological developments in the archive footage montage film ‘Dreams Rewired’.

‘Simulation Beach’ takes place in the Biotech Beach – a disaster film, where everything is under control, in ’Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine’ Oscar-winner Alex Gibney draws a harrowing portrait of the technological genius Steve Jobs and ‘Code Girl’ puts the focus on female programmers. You can also watch a film about Silk Road – the dark side of the Web, thought crimes on the Internet, Facebook and time-travel. So there is plenty at CPH:DOX to entertain tech enthusiasts, curious reality-experts and future critical cineasts in the festival’s 11 days.

CPH:DOX is on of the largest documentary film festivals, which takes place in Copenhagen and Region Zealand (with DOX:ON:TOUR) from November 5 to November 15. Keep updated here.





A Good American
The deeply disturbing journalistic docu-thriller about the system that could have prevented 9/11, but was stopped by lies and corruption at the NSA.

Alice Cares
Can you be friends with a machine? Psychology and technology meet in a social experiment between the residents of a nursing home and a 60 cm high plastic robot.

Disaster Playground
French experience designer in a science fiction documentary about the people who practice saving the planet from the dangers of outer space.

Dreams Rewired
Tilda Swinton guides us on a mental journey through the 20th century’s technological revolutions – and how they have shaped us.

Eyelid & Simulation Beach
Eyelid: The construction of a high-tech Alpine eco-hotel portrayed as a scientific experiment in sustainability.
Simulation Beach: A disaster film where everything is under control? Welcome to ‘Biotech Beach’, California.

The Dark Gene
How are you really? Unexpected answers and new questions from geneticism’s staggering micro-world, told in aesthetic high-tech animations.

Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine
The dark side of the genius from Silicon Valley in a sharp and well-researched portrait by the Oscar-winner Alex Gibney.

Code Girl
Young women break the code and storm ahead in the tech world, which has maybe only for a short while been dominated by men.

In Limbo
Big data, big ideas. An original and visually unique charting of the internet’s labyrinthine interior – and its soul.

Thought Crimes
Can you be convicted for a crime that you have not (yet) committed? An NYPD cop’s cannibal fantasies that caused a media stir.

The Russian Woodpecker
Was Chernobyl an inside job? A drunken artist embarks on uncovering a conspiracy theory about a failed Soviet mind control programme.

Is it actually possible to have time go backwards? See for yourself with a film that Martin Heidegger and Gyro Gearloose could have made together.

Deep Web
The story of the black market website Silk Road, and about how a generation of hacktivists are at war with the authorities on the digital battlefield: the deep net.

The world’s largest public space is even off-limits for the one and a half billion people who use it, ‘like’ it or not.