Sound, noise and music are challenged when CPH:DOX presents two films about silence and invite you to a silent disco and a interpretation of John Cage composition.

Although it sounds boring, it’s actually quite magical! CPH:DOX screens the world premiere of ‘In Pursuit of Silence’ and ‘A Natural Sound Genius’, which are about how we experience sound and nature’s own sounds.

In connection with the screening of ‘In Pursuit of Silence’ in the Grand Teatret, the film’s director and producer will be present for a small Q&A. Some of Denmark’s best musicians, chosen by Roskilde Festival, will perform John Cage’s iconic work ”4’33” before the film. The four artists, Tomas Barfod, Negash Ali, Mikkel Was Larsen and Kim Nyberg, represent different genres such as electronic, pop music, hip hop, rap and metal.

When ‘In Pursuit of Silence’ is screened in Absalon, pianist Søren Kjærsgaard will perform John Cage’s iconic work ”4’33”. The event is presented by the experimental festival G((o))ng Tomorrow. The producer and director of ‘In Pursuit of Silence’ will be joined by some of the leading researchers in the field of sound after the film, to discuss silence powerful effect on humans, noise and sound in public spaces.

In Pursuit of Silence
In a modern world where we are constantly (in)voluntarily surrounded by sound, silence is the ultimate experience of sound itself. That silence is also the ultimate avant-garde innovator was proven by the composer John Cage with his now classic, almost four-and-a-half-minute long piece of music, which consisted of nothing else. But do we ever have a ‘pure’ experience of silence? And does silence have an existential dimension? Join us on a trip across the world to discover the quiet and enigmatic nature of silence, from the American wilderness to Japanese zen monasteries.

A Natural Sound Genius
Sighs, buzzes, tones, grunts, clicks. Who has ever thought about how a sea anemone sounds, or an ant? Musician and soundscape ecologist, Bernie Krause, has travelled the world since the late 1960s capturing the sounds of the wild. His natural sound archive, consisting of over 5,000 hours of whole habitat examples and in excess of 15,000 identified vocal organisms, is representative of tropical and temperate rain forests, mountains, oceans and deserts of every kind. His new method of recording engages us with remarkable new insights into the environments we live in, but also bears witness to their catastrophic changes. For while human noises become louder, a disturbing silence is befalling the fragile wild habitats that still remain.

In Pursuit of Silence + Roskilde Festival + G((o))ng Tomorrow

Wed. 11/11, 21:30, Grand Teatret
Thu. 12/11, 21:30, Absalon

A Natural Sound Genius

Fri. 13/11, 16:45, Cinemateket