In collaboration with Strömma Canal Tours Copenhagen CPH:DOX presents two exciting and unique arrangements on the canal tours in the form of a live improvised concert featuring Lisa Nordström with two other musicians, as well as a live performance of the podcast BYLYD.

To the Sea with live improv-music

On Sunday March 19 the film Sonica Sequence will have its premiere at CPH:DOX.

In this film the Swedish musician Lisa Nordström travels to Cuba, Japan and Indonesia with her sampler and electronic instruments using improvised music and the country’s architecture as the pivot point for the meeting between the local musicians.

After the film screening at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, these meetings will attempt to be recreated live on the Strömma Canal Tour Copenhagen boat tour, beginning and ending in Nyhavn. On this boat tour Lisa Nordström will, with two other musicians Mika Takehara and Fareed Ahmad Kabeer, play a unique and improvised concert while the boat sails through the canals of Copenhagen.

Takehara and Ahmad Kabeer are based in Sweden and Denmark, having travelled from their home countries, Japan and Afghanistan respectively. Mika Takehara is herself involved in ‘Sonica Sequence’.

The boat tour is free on display of cinema tickets.

Live Podcast explores Copenhagen’s harbour

On Sunday March 19 you will get the opportunity to experience a unique arrangement that arises from a collaboration between CPH:DOX and the podcast BYLYD.

On board the boat BYLYD will host a live podcast about the harbour’s architecture; about the rapid architectural development that the harbour has undergone in the last year, and its effect upon life in Copenhagen.

With this showing the arrangement will open up a new and inspirational way to use the popular podcast format, where the audience and the physical surroundings will have a determining meaning for the experience and understanding of the sound piece.The boat tour starts and finishes in Nyhavn by the festival’s centre at Kunsthal Charlottenborg. The tour is for free, but reservation is necessary. Check online at on March 1. The event has been brought to live with help from Akademisk Arkitekturforening.


BYLYD- harbour tour is a part of a bigger radio focus this year at CPH:DOX, alongside the sound piece ‘The Invisible City’ by the acclaimed sound artists Jacob Kirkegaard and Peter Albrechtsen, as well as three Third Ear arrangements in Planetariet (the New York podcast ‘The Heart’. ‘Here be Monsters’ by Jeff Emtman and ‘Radio Diaries’ with Joe Richman), and an event with Radio Atlas that presents subtitled foreign radio documentaries.