With a total of 110,500 admissions at this year’s festival, CPH:DOX has once again broken its own record. For the first time, the festival went beyond the magic number of 100,000. 

Last year, CPH:DOX moved from November to March to be able to continue to develop in the international festival landscape. The decision proved to be right, and is reflected in the festival hitting its audience record in 2018 with a total of 110,500 admissions. Among those, 13,500 children and young people attended the festival’s screenings for middle and high schoolers. As in the previous years, a small number of the tally is made of online viewing: This year, five films from the festival selection were available for streaming online for 48 hours in collaboration with Politiken, and were seen by a total of 10,369 viewers. This year’s total figure of 110,500 marks an increase of 13,000 compared to last year.

CPH:DOX has compiled a Top 10 of the films that attracted the largest audience numbers. The film seen by most people this year was Nitesh Anjaan’s Danish film ‘Dreaming Murakami’, followed by Stephen Loveridge’s ‘Matangi / Maya / M.I.A.’ and by Christopher Quinn’s adaptation of Jonathan Safran Foer’s ‘Eating Animals’. The winner of this year’s DOX:AWARD, Swedish film ‘The Raft’, was also among the 10 most popular films with the audience.

With its new spring dates and its atmospheric festival centre in the baroque palace of Kunsthal Charlottenborg, CPH:DOX has cemented its status as one of the world’s leading documentary film festivals for both the public and the industry. The festival attracted over 1,900 international filmmakers and industry members to a programme of more than 200 new films of which 100 celebrated their premiere at CPH:DOX.


Guest stars and highlights

Among the absolute highlights of this year’s programme was the London group The xx, who had curated a film programme especially for CPH:DOX and who opened the festival’s first weekend with a big party at Kunsthal Charlottenborg. M.I.A. also made her way to the festival for a special screening of a new film about her and a live talk. Bestselling writer and novelist Jonathan Safran Foer visited the festival in connection to the film ‘Eating Animals’ based on his book.

CPH:DOX’s ambition to be the best festival in and for the world manifested itself through its political programme, including the new initiative CPH:Meetings, a series of talks composed of screenings and debates focused on society and topics such as integration, radicalisation and gender roles. The festival’s opening gala took place at the Royal Theatre and was anchored in the #metoo movement, a movement that a number of gender-political films from this year’s programme were dedicated to, as well as live events with the Swedish musician Jenny Wilson.

The thematic film and debate programme Justice focused on the rule of law and the fundamental freedoms and institutions that are increasingly under pressure. Parallel to this, an expansive focus on social experiments ran across the programme from the competitions to a retrospective sidebar and the exhibition #WhatIf at the festival center.

Last but not least, CPH:DOX has continue to invest intensely in developing its major focus on science in the regular CPH:Science section, with an ambition of becoming leading in the field between research, education, and cinema.

CPH:DOX brings together the international film industry

CPH:DOX was not only an audience success, but also an international industry event that attracted 1914 industry delegates, including 273 journalists.

The financing and co-production platform CPH:FORUM attracts producers, directors and financiers from all over the world to the presentation of over 30 new international projects seeking funding, co-producers and distribution. In parallel with the festival, CPH:MARKET brings together distributors and producers around the sales of new films.

The 5-day CPH:CONFERENCE presented a lineup of thematic daily programmes dedicated to science, technology, new media, risk/safety, and art, with guests such as Netflix’ Director of Original Documentary Programming, Benjamin Cotner, and Indian Nobel Prize winner Suguta Mutra, as well as many other highly profiled guest speakers and experts.

Also at the festival center Kunsthal Charlottenborg, CPH:DOX focused on new and interactive formats at with a virtual reality cinema and interactive installations, as well as the exhibition #Whatif, which is on at Kunsthal Charlottenborg until May 20.  

2019 dates and key numbers 2018

The next edition of CPH:DOX will take place from March 20 – 31, 2019. The festival will be open for entries from mid-May. CPH:DOX 2018 offered: 210 films (237 films including shorts). 1,914 accredited industry guests. 273 accredited journalists. 

Top 10 of the most seen films 2018

1. Dreaming Murakami
2. Matangi / Maya / M.I.A.
3. Eating Animals
4. Den nat vi faldt
5. Skjold & Isabel
6. Exit
7. Pre-Crime
8. False Confessions
9. The Work
10. The Raft

Admissions at CPH:DOX 2003 – 2018

2018: 110.500
2017: 97.500
2015: 91.400
2014: 83.900
2013: 70.100
2012: 51.800
2011: 47.300
2010: 45.400
2009: 37.738
2008: 33.093
2007: 25.867
2006: 24.100
2005: 20.178
2004: 16.500
2003: 11.706

Thank you for this year – see you March 20-31 2019!