On Thursday March 23 you will be able to experience the Belgian Jérôme le Maires’ film ‘Burning Out’ about the prestigious hospital Saint-Louis in Paris, as well as meet the director and a following panel debate at Riget


Together with Yngre Læger, Dansk Sygeplejeråd, Lægeforeningen and Foreningen af Dansek Lægestuderende (FADL), CPH:DOX invites you to a very special screening of the film ‘Burning Out’ at Rigshospitalet. On Thursday March 23. 18.00 we will screen the film ‘Burning Out’, a film about the French hospital Saint-Louis, followed by a visit of the director and a panel debate.


In ‘Burning Out’, Belgian Jérôme le Maires spent two years with a camera observing the prestigious hospital Saint-Louis in the heart of Paris, where each day 60-80 lifesaving procedures are performed, and where both doctors and staff are at the edge of burning out in a heated all-against-all atmosphere of cutbacks, understaffing and stress. All the staff come to confide in Jérôme, an acute observer and listener, with whom the staff have room to think and feel emotions. And is perhaps exactly there where the solution lies.

For in a time where both hospitals, schools and most other workplaces are transformed into factories, and where efficiency and performance have become a mantra for leaders and politicians, one asks oneself: How long can this continue? And who will take care of the patients, when the doctors themselves become sick and cannot see the meaning in their work?

Important Panel Debate

After the screening there will be a panel debate consisting of Christian Juhl (Enhedslisten), Morten Hedegaard (Former manager at the maternity ward at Rigshospitalet), Bent Christensen (Former director at Lunds Universitetshospital), Vibeke Westh (Regional director of Dansk sygeplejeråd) as well as Camilla Rathcke (Head of Yngre læger) discuss stress at hospitals, as well as anchoring the problems in the Danish context

The screening will be at Rigshospitalet in Auditorium 1. Ticket sale begins on Wednesday at 12.00, and there will be 250 tickets for sale. Price: 85 kroner. Tickets here.