The artistic and experimental part of CPH:DOX’s programme has just been revealed, and once again the challenging NEW:VISION award offers experimental films on the edge between documentary and artistic reflection.

This year 14 films are nominated for the NEW:VISION award, announced today by the Copenhagen-based art magazine Kopenhagen. The films are notable mainly for being of international character, and like their country of origin, the filmmakers’ professional backgrounds also differ. Some are famous for their work with documentary films, while others are usually known within an art context. The nominees will reflect in the best way what the NEW:VISION competition is about, namely examining the characteristic field located at the intersection of film and art. The directors and their films stand in this grey area and operate within disciplines that do not usually overlap.

Ah Humanity!
Ernst Karel, Verena Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor (JP / FR / US)
The Harvard-based CPH:DOX winners behind ‘Leviathan’ are back with a new film and a remarkable soundtrack, recorded on a mobile phone in Fukushima.

Bending to Earth
Rosa Barba (DE / US)
Spectacular radioactive waste lakes serve as a stepping stone for a cinematic experiment and a speculation over the future of the planet.

Black Code / Code Noir
Louis Henderson (UK)
With mobile footage, digital diagrams, animations and graphics, the film adopts a politically engaged and form-transgressing macro perspective on the murders of the young black Americans Michael Brown and Kajieme Powell in 2014.

Crackup at the Race Riots
Leo Gabin (BE)
Hallucinatory ‘adaptation’ of Harmony Korine’s novel from the YouTube generation’s answer to Robert Rauschenberg.

Crackup at the Race Riots

Crackup at the Race Riots

Faux Départ
Yto Barrada (MA)
‘Faux Départ’ portrays Morocco’s fossil-inventing craftsmen as a kind of contemporary artists, who with a hypersensitive consciousness of materials meticulously conjure up geological artefacts to the delight of souvenir-buying tourists.

Fragment 53
Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli & Federico Lodoli (IT/CH)
A terrifying and hypnotic look at a kind of hell, where both Liberia’s violent modern history and the nature and essence of war itself are investigated.

Josef – My Father’s Criminal Record
Antoinette Zwirchmayr (AT)
The failed bank robber Josef flees to Brazil in the dark film opus that is equal parts aesthetically captivating and mildly cryptic noir.

Kwassa Kwassa
SUPERFLEX & Tuan Andrew Nguyen (DK)
Neighbours of the Mayotte island, which lies in the Indian Ocean and belongs to France, set out across the foamy sea to reach Europe’s shores just north of Madagascar; a boat journey that is a metaphor for a world where people, as opposed to goods, can not circulate freely.

Josef - My Fathers Criminal Record

Josef – My Fathers Criminal Record

L’Horizons des événements
Guillermo Moncayo (FR)
A cinematic beam onto the dark peripheries of the mind with the story of a German explorer, who in the beginning of the 20th century, deep inside the Amazon’s moist forests, tried something impossible: to dream up an ideal society.

Cyprien Gaillard (FR)
From Rodin we glide through L.A. and Berlin in a 3D work with chemical, almost synthetic night shots, where colours and shapes constantly transform themselves and modulate, and the trees on the Californian boulevards sway as if in trance.

No No Sleep
Tsai Ming-Liang (TW)
European premiere of Tasi Ming-Liang’s latest film, recorded in Tokyo over a long and mysterious night that ends in a steamy sauna.

No No Sleep

No No Sleep

The Digger
Ali Cherri (LB/UAE/FR)
A vibrating voice singing in Pachto echoes across a colourless stone landscape, trying to prevent the prehistorical burial ground on the Arabian Peninsula from being ruined even further.

Joachim Hamou (DK/SE/FR)
Through an imaginary future scenario, ‘UIP27’ takes a futuristic look at the current conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

Untitled (Human Mask)
Pierre Huyghe (FR)
The film starts off in the desolate (and destroyed) landscapes around Fukushima before it in a dystopian movement switches to an equally deserted restaurant, and suggests a collapse between both biological and cultural distinctions: authenticity and artificiality, the natural and the man-made.

The Digger

The Digger

All nominees in NEW:VISION at CPH:DOX 2015:

Ah Humanity!. Ernst Karel, Verena Paravel & Lucien Castaing-Taylor. (JP/FR/US)
Bending to Earth. Rosa Barba. (DE/US)
Black Code/Code noir. Louis Henderson. (UK)
Crackup at the Race Riots. Leo Gabin. (BE)
Faux Départ. Yto Barrada. (MA)
Fragment 53. Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli & Federico Lodoli. (IT/CH)
Josef – My Father’s Criminal Record. Antoinette Zwirchmayr. (AT)
Kwassa Kwassa. SUPERFLEX & Tuan Andrew Nguyen. (DK)
L’Horizon des événements. Guillermo Moncayo. (FR)
Nightlife. Cyprien Gaillard. (FR)
No No Sleep. Tsai Ming-Liang. (TW)
The Digger. Ali Cherri. (LB/UAE/FR)
UIP27. Joachim Hamou. (DK/SE/FR)
Untitled (Human Mask). Pierre Huyghe. (FR)