12 carefully selected films are nominated in the competition presenting the best documentaries from the Nordic countries.

The best films from the Nordic countries are nominated for NORDIC:DOX Award. The selection reflects the diversity and the level of ambition of the Nordic documentary. These are films with clear vision, personal touch and artistic flair, standing out in a field where the Nordic documentaries have in recent years made their mark on the international film scene.

The series range from the poetic to the political, placing the spectators in an active, critical position. Many of the films are made by young directors with a new vision and the courage to experiment. The award is kindly sponsored by the Producer’s Association.
The nominees are:

A Place Called Lloyd
Sebastian Cordes (DK)
The solidarity is reward enough at a bankrupt airline in Bolivia, portrayed in a stylistically and photographically complete portrait of a resilient community.

A Home In the World
Andreas Koefoed (DK)
Life as an asylum child in Denmark seen through the eyes of 10-year-old Magomed.

Ghost Rockets
Michael Cavanagh & Kerstin Übelacker (SE)
A Swedish UFO club’s moving and cheerful attempt to solve the ultimate mystery: the theory of ghost rockets.

Grace of God
Kristján Loðmfjörð (ICE/POL)
An Icelandic film about the art of watching animals and mirroring ourselves in their silence – and about what we can learn from them.

Grace of God

Grace of God

Homo Sacer: The Sacred Man or the Accursed Man
Lode Kuylenstierna (SE)
Captured on video, published on the internet, found dead. A digital phantom’s tragedy in a tricky and complex film about not believing everything you see.

I Remember When I Die
Maria Bäck (DK/SE)
If you could actually hold a memory forever, which one would it be? A highly original journey into the mystery of consciousness.

Iron Grandpa
Janiv Oskar & Terhi Romo (FI)
Finnish deadpan meets ‘Rocky’ in an offbeat and unusual film about a 72-year-old weightlifter’s road to the last triumph of his career.

Monalisa Story
Jessica Nettelbladt (SE)
Down, out and on heroin in Malmö. An unusual film about a vulnerable, strong and stubborn woman’s struggle with herself and the world, shot over no less than eight years.

Monalisa Story

Monalisa Story

Natural Disorder
Christian Sønderby Jepsen (DK)
Struck by fate and the Number 1 bus! A young man’s brave and self-effacing struggle to stage his life as a disabled person, by the director of ‘The Will’.

Return of the Atom
Mika Taanila & Jussi Eerola (FI/DE)
Nuclear power – yes please? The first western power station since Chernobyl was a black, human comedy according to the Finnish artist Mika Taanila.

The Accidental Rock Star
Igor Devold (NO)
Underneath the gas mask of Kaizers Orchestra and inside the brain of the eccentric frontman Helge Risa, where Norwegian natural idyll meets ’12 Monkeys’.

Time Passes
Ane Hjort Guttu (NO)
Ten months on the street with a beggar: is Damla’s art project a social manifesto or pure vanity? A performative – and subtly ambiguous – film.

Return of the Atom

Return of the Atom

The prize is of 38.000 DKK and will be awarded November 13 at CPH:DOX’s  award ceremony.