A special exhibition with international talents, curated by Toke Lykkeberg, is on the program when CPH:DOX hits the streets from 16.-26. March – with free entry to boot.

Kunsthal Charlottenborg, CPH:DOX’s new festival centre, won’t just hold the country’s first designer-sofa cinema (together with Normann Copenhagen), a virtual reality cinema, a lounge area, workshops room and branch events – an international arts exhibition will also move into the Art hall!

On the festival’s second day, friday March 17, the doors will open to the arts exhibition with the title ‘Welcome Too Late’. ‘Welcome Too Late’ will be carefully curated by the art critic, author and curator Toke Lykkeberg, with sculptures, installations and films of young artists such as Iain Ball (1985, UK), Marguerite Humeau (1986, FR) and Katja Novitskova (1984, EE).

Zooming out to greater temporalities

A central theme for this year’s edition of CPH:DOX is time. ‘Welcome Too Late’ will also give its word on this theme from the basic premise that today dominates a tendency to zoom out to other, larger temporalities, instead of run after time in an attempt to zoom in on the now. This premise stands in the light of changes as explosive as population growth, rising temperatures and water levels, automation, artificial intelligence, growing inequality, the potential of eternal life, revival of animal species and mass extinction.

When everything from climate to technology changes ever faster, it becomes harder to follow with the times. The future is faster becoming the present, and the present faster the past. Artists and documentary makers experience coming too late to the scene they want to capture – a consequence the exhibition ‘Welcome Too Late’ expresses sharply.

‘Welcome Too Late’ will be held at the Kunsthal Charlottenborg all the way until Sunday May 21, but there is only free entry under CPH:DOX from March 16-26. After this Kunsthal Charlottenborg’s normal entry fee will be reintroduced (60 kroner).