The internationally acclaimed sound artists Jacob Kirkegaard and Peter Albrechtsen interpret the sounds of the city in one of the first sound works ever designed in the finely tuned, modern cinema sound system format, Dolby Atmos.

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For most people the sound of Copenhagen is either noise or the sound of traffic jams, but the sound of the capital is much more than that and we often tend to miss out on the great melodies of the buzzing metropolis. In the ambitious and innovative sound-portrait ‘Invisible City’, the way we experience the daily noises will be turned upside down and you will hear the Danish capital in a whole new way.

Jacob Kirkegaard and Peter Albrechtsen challenge the archetype of Copenhagen sounds and create sounds that will seduce and amaze, be simultaneously recognisable and not, point at the same time backwards, forward and inwards, and will combine instruments from sound art, music and sound design in a hitherto unheard way.

A 3-D audio experience

The world premiere of ‘Invisible City’ at CPH:DOX on March 22 will be presented with the modern cinema sound system, Dolby Atmos, in Imperial, which is one of the world’s largest Atmos cinemas. This hour-long piece is one of the first audio works ever designed in this format. Dolby Atmos is the closest thing to a 3D sound experience with speakers surrounding the audience, including on the ceiling.

The sound of Copenhagen will be challenged both physically and temporally in this multidimensional sound journey that will take the listener from the deepest places underground to the highest peaks of the city, where the whole city’s sound blends together. In this way the sound will guide the public behind the facade of the city and its landmarks, taking what we recognize and know and discovering them anew.

At the same time the Copenhagen of the past will be united with sounds from the present to create an audio journey, as the historical video archive will be blended with the modern metropolis’ vibrations. CPH:DOX invites you into the darkness to listen to Copenhagen in a whole new way.

‘Invisible City’ is part of a larger radio focus this year at CPH:DOX, which will include, among others, three different Third Ear events at the Planetarium (The New Yorker podcast ‘The Heart’, ‘Here be Monsters’ by Jeff Emtman and ‘Radio Diaries’ by Joe Richman), an event with radio Atlas, which will present subtitled international radio podcasts as well as a trip to the harbour with the soundtrack of the architecture podcast ByLyd, which explores the architecture of the Copenhagen harbours.

Internationally renowned sound artists

Behind the sound-portrait are the recognised sound artists Jacob Kirkegaard and Peter Albrechtsen.

Jacob Kirkegaard is one of the world’s most respected sound artists and has presented his works in a wide variety of museums, festivals and conferences in the USA, Japan, Mexico and Russia. His compositions are published on a reputable, international record label and have received fantastic reviews from leading music magazines such as Rolling Stone and The Wire. In Denmark his work has been featured at Louisiana, Arken, Museet for Samtidskunst and a current a solo exhibition at ARoS until May 28.

Peter Albrechtsen was educated as a sound artist at Den Danske Filmskole in 2001 and has produced sound for a wide variety of acclaimed films, documentary films and TV-series, both Danish and international. Peter won a Bodil and Robert awards last year for his sound design for “The Idealist” and is currently in Danish Cinemas with both the Danish action drama, “The Underworld” and the Finnish Cannes winner, “The best day in Oli Mäkis’ life”. Peter Albrechtsen has also currently a sound installation “The Wave” showing at Ofelia Plads.

The event is made possible by support from:
Statens Kunstfond
A.P Møller Fonden
Beckett Fonden

Info: ‘Invisible City’. Sound piece by Peter Albrechtsen and Jacob Kirkegaard. March 22, 2017. 21:30. Imperial. Tickets: 95 DKK + fee. Tickets at the Facebook event.