Tomorrow you can experience a panel discussion about Jacob Holdt’s ‘Amerikanske billeder’ which is currently being exhibited at Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

Watch Jacob Holdt, Adam Holm (journalist) and Michael Thouber (director of Kunsthal Charlottenborg) debating Holdt’s controversial and potentially staged ‘Amerikanske billeder’. The moderator of the panel discussion will be DR2s Detektor-host Thomas Buch-Andersen.

The exhibition
Kunsthal Charlottenborg will in cooperation with CPH:DOX exhibit Jacob Holdt’s ‘Amerikanske Billeder’ from November 6 until January 13. Holdt will come by the exhibition to talk about his photos tomorrow.

What have we learned?
The exhibition takes the art piece back to square one, as Jacob Holdt described it in the preface to his book: “as an attack parts on Danish politics, where I used the image of the American bogeyman to point out what certain trends in Denmark (privatization, downsizing) can lead to”. The exhibition questions what we have learned from Holdt’s ideas since the book was first published in 1977?

Although ‘Amerikanske billeder”‘ is from the 1970s they are still interesting today – both because of the book’s topic, but also because the art piece recently was under attack. Jacob Holdt was in the limelight and was accused of not telling the truth. He was accused of polishing his descriptions and inventing scenes that he himself had not experienced.

You can form your own impression of ‘Amerikanske billeder’ when Jacob Holdt, Adam Holm and Michael Thouber debate the already controversial images.

Where and when
The panel discussion will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, November 11 from 17:00-18:30.

The exhibition ‘Amerikanske billeder – hvem ejer sandheden?’ can be seen in the Kunsthal Charlottenborg from now until January 13.