On Wednesday, November 4, it will be exactly 20 years since Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated. CPH:DOX marks this date with the screening of the documentary ‘Rabin, The Last Day’ and an introduction with Politiken’s senior Middle East expert Anders Jerichow.

In 1995, the Israeli prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by a Jewish extremist at a peace rally in Tel Aviv. The murder of Rabin put an abrupt end to the peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine, which since then have crumbled.

The documentary ‘Rabin, The Last Day’ sheds light on the fatal day and on the conspiracy theories that surround the tragedy. After the premiere of the film, Anders Jerichow talks about the significance that Rabin’s death has had on the interruption of peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine.

‘Rabin, The Last Day’
The film is a historical docu-drama made by Amos Gitai and a detailed reconstruction of what went wrong on November 4, 1995. ‘Rabin, The Last Day’ follows the days before and after the assassination of Rabin with both original footage and recreated dramatizations of events about the assassination. Why was it that just that day security did not have any contingency plans? Why ignore threats from fundamentalist Jews?

Yitzhak Rabin was prepared to stop the settlements in the West Bank and give more say to the Palestinians, when the young fanatic Yigal Amir shot and killed the man who has since become a symbol of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. The documentary was one of the most acclaimed films at this year’s Venice film festival.

Middle-East on the big screen
‘Rabin, The Last Day’ is not the only film to be shown on the big screen. CPH:DOX presents a wide range of films from the Middle East during this year’s festival.
CPH:DOX will show, among others, the controversial ‘Muhammad: The Messenger of God’. An Iranian epic and now the country’s official oscar nominee based on thorough historical research. But also a film with a budget of 140 million kroner, which definitely does not skimp on anything in its magnificent, emotional and in every way unreserved tribute to the founder of Islam from his birth to the age of 13.

‘Town on a Wire’ portrays the Israeli town of Lod, 10 minutes away from Tel Aviv. Acute poverty has cultivated an environment of racism and violence, which the 75,000 Muslim, Jewish and Christian inhabitants experience on a daily basis living in constant fear. ‘Town on a Wire’ has not only the title in common with ‘The Wire’. The city’s conflicts are all linked and the police, the politicians, religious leaders and local gangs are involved. It is the Israel/Palestine conflict without the propaganda, but with a high pulse, and focused on one city’s breakdown.

‘UIP27’ wind the clock to 2027 where the territorial conflict between Israelis and Palestinians are subject to radical revision. Here are the two states merged into United Israel Palestine in this imaginary future scenario.

From Israel and Palestine to the holy Mecca with ‘A Sinner in Mecca’, where the openly gay filmmaker Parvez Sharma go on a pilgrimage, and trying to reconcile himself with his beloved religion, which he again and again experiences as hostile towards people like himself.

A Sinner in Mecca
The gay Muslim director Parvez Sharma travels to Mecca to be forgiven for his sins. Alone in a place, where homosexuality is punished with death and video-recordings are punished with a whip.

Speed Sisters
As a female racing driver in Palestine, there is more than winning a race to worry about.

Salam Neighbor
Two young filmmakers move into a Syrian refugee camp to find the human nuances of the residents’ camp life. A powerful and poignant film with a young sensitivity.

Among the Believers
A shocking insider report from the dark engine room of radical Islam, in an encounter with the mastermind behind the most extremist jihad school in Pakistan.

Everyday life in the filmmaker’s family in the run-up to and during the invasion of Iraq. A historical masterpiece of poetic modesty – and an unparalleled experience.

The Amina Profile
Half psychological thriller, half love story between two women in Syria and Montreal – and a completely unpredictable twist.

A Syrian Love Story
A love story from the midst of war, about two unusual people who love each other and their country above everything else.

Homeless – and haunted. A radical vision of an entirely different story from Syria in a film that lets the digital ghosts of the civil war do the talking.

Yallah Underground
The new generation of young, Middle Eastern artists are fighting for the right to express themselves freely in an urban and style-conscious film about the subcultural blossoming after the Arab Spring.

Town on a Wire
The documentary answer to ‘The Wire’. An immersive film from an Israeli town in total dissolution, where the future is in the hands of a single man.

Muhammad: The Messenger of God
The prophet Muhammad’s childhood and upbringing in a magnificent Iranian epic – based on a true story!

He Named me Malala
The 18-year-old Pakistani Nobel Prize winner’s ongoing struggle for education in her home country is a gripping story of courage, determination and hope.

Rabin, The Last Day
Experience the former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin’s last moments before he was murdered and the peace process stalled.

Territorial conflict is reexamined in a performative, hypothetical scenario, where a united Palestine and Israel meet in court.