On February 28, CPH:DOX will celebrate this year’s festival programme with a pre-screening of the first two episodes of the widely acclaimed documentary series ‘Scandinavian Star’, followed by a talk with director Mikala Krogh.

Soon, the waiting is over: On February 28, CPH:DOX will present this year’s full festival programme with a unique preview of the upcoming and widely acclaimed documentary series ‘Scandinavian Star’ about the ship fire in 1990, marking the 30th anniversary of the tragedy. The screening is presented in collaboration with Danish Documentary, Nordisk Film, DR, NRK, TV4 and Politiken.  

After the screening of the first two episodes, director Mikala Krogh and journalist Lars Halskov, will enter stage and give a talk about their work on the six-episode documentary series, which will later premiere on DR.  

The largest fire homicide in Scandinavia 

On the night of April 7th, 1990, the first of several fires broke out on the passenger ship Scandinavian Star, on the way from Oslo to Frederikshavn. In the course of a few hours, 59 out of 383 passengers and 99 crew members were killed, making it the largest homicide in Scandinavia since World War II. A crime that remains unresolved up to this day.

Through interviews with survivors and relatives and with new information on the case, ‘Scandinavian Star’ uncovers the national tragedy, which after 30 years still raises more questions than it answers. 

‘Scandinavian Star’ is made by the Danish documentary filmmaker Mikala Krogh (‘The Newsroom: Off the Record’), journalist Lars Halskov (‘Branden – Gåden om Scandinavian Star) and Nikolaj Scherfig (‘The Bridge’).

Programme Launch

Before the screening of ‘Scandinavian Star’, CPH:DOX will present this year’s full festival programme, which offers more than 200 documentaries, debates, conferences, art installations and parties. 

CPH:DOX Program Launch 2020. February 28th (Friday) at 18:00, Imperial. Tickets for the entire event cost 90 DKK and can be purchased here