CPH:CHANGE, which takes place on November 10, 2015 aims to link creative projects seeking to create social changes with like-minded companies and organisations.

CPH:CHANGE is created to assist projects in the categories of arts, technology, education and creative change aimed at improving the world. CPH:CHANGE connects innovative and strong projects with relevant companies and organisations. By linking creative projects and established business marketing and profiling, CPH:CHANGE can inspire and create real social change.

CPH:CHANGE will annually select five projects on the themes of art, technology, education and creative change. The project may take the form of a short film, an artwork, a technological invention – only imagination sets the limits. All projects must however include a cinematic element and aim to create social change.

The selected projects will be pitched during a session under CPH:DOX, which in 2015 will take place on November 10, in front of an audience of, among others, relevant commercial entreprises, NGOs and media. Through partnerships between projects and companies, CPH:CHANGE aims to help socially oriented ideas grow, wether through financing, distribution, marketing, joint marketing, network or similar support.

To achieve the best results, CPH:CHANGE teamed up with writer, present and sustainability expert, Thomas Kolster, who, inter alia, has written the book Goodvertising, which explores how to combine marketing and sustainability.

It is now open for submission of relevant projects. The projects need to have a specific, defined, artistically themed angle in the genres of art, technology & creative change. You can register your project here.

You can read more about CPH:CHANGE here.

See you on November 10, 2015!