The documentary film ‘Noma – My Perfect Storm’, which is about the star chef René Redzepi and his sensational restaurant Noma, premieres in Denmark at this year’s festival, when it takes place from November 5-15 2015.

‘Noma – My Perfect Storm’ is a documentary about the world famous and double Michelin winning restaurant Noma and its chef, René Redzepi. With access to Redzepi’s brilliant and quirky brain the film shows how the master chef plays with ingredients from all over the world to transform them into culinary experiences.

The director Pierre Deschamps has followed Noma and the man behind the New Nordic kitchen over a period of three years. The result is a multifaceted and unique insight into Redzepi’s geniality and an appetising journey into the world of Noma, zooming in on the everyday life in the kitchen and Redzepi’s philosophy behind it all.

‘Noma – My Perfect Storm’ is not only about the chef Redzepi. It is also a film about a man with a unique and humble background, who against all odds took the gastronomic world by storm – a tale of human relations in which joy and sadness are core issues in the creation of complex and vivid meals.

Empire Bio
‘Noma – My Perfect Storm’ will be screened in Empire Bio in Copenhagen and subsequently in cinemas all over the country distributed by Reel Pictures.