CPH:DOX in collaboration with Føljeton and International Media Support have this year developed a one-day conference on November 13 that brings together creative people and new media platforms across disciplines such as film, online media, journalism and technology, to examine the challenges and potential that can be found in documenting and transforming the world in today’s digital media landscape.

A need for new thinking in terms of genre and business models
At a time when investigative and time-consuming journalism is challenged by new economic and technological realities, there is a need for genre and business innovation. Both journalism and filmmaking have over the last 10 years seen rapid change and have been subject to debate over both content and business model in terms of themes like classic journalistic objectivity vs. new clearer, approach-based practices, ethical standards, new concepts of truth and hybrid genre definitions.

The intersection between journalism and documentary
With F:ACT conference we want to investigate the interdisciplinary field between journalism and documentaries as a separate and new discipline in which the actors involved are challenged to continue to develop within the framework of a changed and not least digitalised media consumption. The conference focuses on new media platforms that actively work to support the creative players in the intersection between investigative journalism and documentary filmmaking. The day is especially dedicated to players who not only seek to document the world, but also actively take part in shaping and changing it.

Meet the Egyptian journalist and activist Nora Younis, and film director Hala Galal, in conversation under the title “Female Voices From Cairo”; Charlotte Cook, co-creator of The Intercept’s new media universe Field of Vision, Joe Posner, video director of Vox.com and VICE News in a debate on video platforms at the intersection of journalism and documentary filmmaking; Bryn Mooser, co-founder of the media platform RYOT.

F:ACT CONFERENCE takes place on November 13 from 9am-3pm located in King’s Garden, Copenhagen in TELTET (The Tent). Buy your ticket here. 

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Photo credit: RYOT