For the first time ever, CPH:DOX will have documentary films for children.

CPH:DOX film festival is especially known for showing hard-hitting political films from the world’s hotspots – as well as artistic and experimental films that can be difficult to understand even for the sharpest film expert.

But for the first time CPH:DOX brings a new program specifically developed for children and adolescents from 6 to 18 years old. So when the festival starts in March, it will have more than 35 films in the children’s programme.


Words of Caramel

Political agenda

CPH:DOX children’s programme still has a social and political agenda, since all of the films are carefully selected because their relevance to the current issues, giving new perspectives and involving the children into a dialogue.

The entire CPH:DOX programme will be revealed in late February, but 12 films are already confirmed. The little ones will be able to enjoy themselves with ‘My Auntie’s Stories’ that provides both a magical and realistic picture of life at sea, ‘1 Minute Nature’ with a bunch of imaginative children of the age of 7-9, and ‘Words of Caramel’ that is about deaf Kori, who lives in a refugee camp – and whose best friend is the white camel Caramel.

The older kids can meet children from Nepal, India and Kazakhstan in the short film ‘The Kids on the Silk Road, or see a coming-of-age-tale with ‘Che!’, a boy who misses his family after his parents’ divorce, and experience what it is to have several hundred thousands of Instagram followers at the age of 15 in ‘The Girl of 672K’.


Children of the Silk Road

The films from the children’s programme will also be shown in a special school programme offered to teachers of elementary and secondary schools across the country. Here the screenings will be supplemented with educational materials adapted to the learning objectives for the different grade levels and developed in close cooperation with the Danish teacher associations.