DOX:ACADEMY offers intensive, cross-disciplinary course at the historic Borups Højskole – sign up now!

Through DOX:ACADEMY, CPH:DOX offers intensive courses for students from film schools, arts academies and universities and brings together hundreds of international filmmakers, artists, journalists, experts and other professionals in Copenhagen during the festival in March.

DOX:ACADEMY is a programme of activities – film screenings, master classes, workshops, project presentations, social events, and much more – designed especially for students. DOX:ACADEMY takes place during CPH:DOX from March 18-24 with the atmospheric environment of BORUPS (Borups Højskole) in the heart of Copenhagen as its social base.

The only thing you need as a student to participate in DOX:ACADEMY is a Student Accreditation (750 DKK = approx. 100 EUR). This gives unlimited access to all regular screenings, festival activities and social events. Once you have the accreditation, participating in DOX:ACADEMY itself is free of charge. Get your accreditation here.

Cross-disciplinary projects
DOX:ACADEMY is about making the most of it all, and is dedicated to ambitious students who wish to engage fully in the festival. Designed as an experimental “learning lab” in previous years, DOX:ACADEMY has been a highly productive space where students have organised themselves in the network created during the festival, and some have developed cross-disciplinary art and research projects.

In 2017, we are expanding the DOX:ACADEMY programme to include more Classes, a Project Lab and a number of general Academy sessions, making it possible for more students to take part in the Academy in more flexible ways. From March 21 to 24, DOX:ACADEMY offers an additional option of applying for a line of intensive courses called the ACADEMY CLASSES. These classes have limited capacity of 15-35 participants per class.

This year, there will be 5 classes in all. All five classes are cross-disciplinary and explore the intersection between different practices by bringing together students, teachers and artists/experts from different professional backgrounds. To get more information about the ACADEMY CLASSES, read here.

The deadline for applying for Student Accreditation and thus DOX:ACADEMY is February 15, if you wish to appear in our Industry Guide of attending professionals. After that deadline you will still be able to apply for accreditation until March 1.

Read more about DOX:ACADEMY here. If you have further questions, give us a shout at! We look forward to hear from you!