We’re off to Amsterdam – give us a shout if you’re going too and want to meet!

CPH:DOX is moving from November to March and for the first time in many years we now have the opportunity to explore IDFA. And as you are reading this, a big CPH:DOX delegation is preparing to leave Copenhagen for Amsterdam.

The delegation will include festival director Tine Fischer, programmers Mads Mikkelsen and Niklas Engstrøm, our heads of industry Katrine Kiilgaard and Daniella Eversby, as well as festival producer Susanne Thygaard.

Feel free to get in touch if you’re going too and want to meet!

Tine Fischer: tine@cphdox.dk

Mads Mikkelsen: mads@cphdox.dk

Niklas Engstrøm: niklas@cphdox.dk

Katrine Kiilgaard: katrine@cphdox.dk

Daniella Eversby: daniella@cphdox.dk

Susanne Thygaard: susanne@cphdox.dk