Apart from innovative and artistically radical documentaries CPH:DOX also presents a curated programme by Olafur Eliasson and opens doors to art exhibitions with a wide range of international artists.

Installations, video exhibitions and visual artists – CPH:DOX 2015 has truly embraced the art scene. And when the festival runs from November 5-15, several art centers and exhibition venues, in collaboration with CPH:DOX, will welcome you in.

Art and documentary film may sound like a contradictory combination. Documentarism is often connected with the real world while art is usually associated with staging and fiction. This contrasting relationship is exactly the focal point in the exhibitions of this year’s CPH:DOX.

Choose your own path through the works
In the exhibition ‘Embodied’ in Nikolaj Kunsthal the British curator Jacqui Davies examines the meeting point between illusion and reality. Among others Stephen Dillane (better known as Stannis Baratheon in the television series ‘Game of Thrones’) acts in a scene where he moves from his own life into the role of actor who is regularly directed and challenged by the artist.

When CPH:DOX in collaboration with the National Gallery of Art opens its doors with SMK Fridays, it is also with a focus on art that uses reality as material. And in the exhibitions ‘Those Who Love Spiders, and Let Them Sleep in Their Hair’, ‘Rewriting Histories’ and ‘American Pictures – who owns the truth?’ the human perception and influence on art are the main themes.

Seminars and the role of the documentary
In the same vein, CPH:DOX hosts a series of seminars, where new trends in documentary landscape are questioned. Here it is yet again the role of the documentary which is brought to debate. How to interpret truth and reality? And how is a good documentaristic narrative built?

CPH:CONFERENCE also sets the focus on art and creativity. Julia Kaganskiy, director of art & tech department at New Museum , artist Ingrid Burrington and the art collective BeAnotherLab will come by the festival and explores how art and creativity in combination with new technology can catalyze innovation and change.

Films with documentarism and art
True to form this year’s CPH:DOX also invites you to a wide range of films that are on the borderline between documentarism and art. In this year’s NEW:VISION Award a selection of works from some of the biggest names in the contemporary art scene is presented, this includes among others Laure Prouvost, Phil Collins – and the great filmmaker Tsai Ming-Liang.

In CPH:DOX’s series Under The Asphalt, The Beach! it is also the “showdown” with the traditional understanding of the documentary as a window to reality which is being examined. The films in the Under The Asphalt series are not necessarily reflections of reality as it is – but how it could be.

The events and documentaries take place around Copenhagen. You can read more on cphdox.dk or view the date, time and place below.


Where and when?


  • Embodied
    Nikolaj Kunsthal, Nov 6 – Nov 29. Opening hours are Tuesday – Wednesday 12 – 17, Thursday 12 – 21, Friday – Sunday 11 – 16.
  • SMK FRIDAYS feat. CPH:DOX – On top of reality
    National Gallery of Art, Nov 6, 4-10 pm
  • Those Who Love Spiders, and Let Them Sleep in Their Hair
    Den Frie, Nov 7-Mar 6
  • Rewriting Histories
    Photographic Center, Nov 6-20
  • American Pictures – who owns the truth?
    Art Gallery Charlottenborg, Nov 6-Jan 13
  • As we live our lives
    Udstillingsstedet Sydhavn Station, Nov 7-15
  • VR:LAB
    Space10, Nov 6-11
  • Meet Olafur Eliasson in conversation with Tim Morton
    TELTET, Nov 10 7pm
    TELTET in Kings Garden Nov 6, 9am-3.30 pm


  • ART:FILM / Masterclass: Lucien Castaing-Taylor & Véréna Paravel
    Cinemateket, Nov 13, 1pm
  • Animation + Documentary = AniDox
    Cinemateket, Nov 10 12.30pm
  • ART:FILM: artist talk / Joachim Koester
    Cinemateket, den Nov 13, 9.30am
  • ART:FILM / From Conceptual Idea to Script-based Narrative
    Cinemateket, Nov 13, 11am
  • ART:FILM / The Intersection Between Performance Art and Non-Fiction Cinema
    Cinemateket, Nov 13, 2.30pm



Ah Humanity!
The Harvard-based CPH:DOX winners behind ‘Leviathan’ are back with a new film – and especially audio work – shot on a mobile phone in Fukushima.

Kwassa Kwassa + The Digger + Faux Départ
Three short films about exchange and illusions across continents.

Nightlife + Untitled (Human Mask) + Bending to Earth + Josef – My Fathers Criminal Record
Four short pieces by Pierre Huyghe and Cyprien Gailard. From Los Angeles in 3D to an abandoned Japanese restaurant- and to a hallucinatory utopia that transcends time.

Fragment 53
A terrifying and hypnotic vision of hell, which comes from Heraclitus and can be found in the dark, Liberian mangrove forests.

Territorial conflict is reexamined in a performative, hypothetical scenario, where a united Palestine and Israel meet in court.

Danish Artists Film/Video

Five new film- and video works by Danish artists. From Greenland and Panama to an herbal garden in Letland: transcripts, rituals and reflections of history.

The Sky Trembles and the Earth is Afraid and the Two Eyes are not Brothers
An anthropological field trip into the unknown with the two time CPH:DOX winner, Ben Rivers, behind camera. Mysterious and visionary.

Return of the Atom
Nuclear power – yes please? The first western power station since Chernobyl was a black, human comedy according to the Finnish artist Mika Taanila.

Time Passes
10 months on the street with a beggar: is young Damla’s art project a social manifesto or sheer vanity? A performative – and subtly ambiguous – film.

When You’re Watching This Film, I’m Already Another
Five playful chapters in the young sound artist Kristoffer Raasted’s curious life.

Homo Sacer + Cosmopolitanism
Captured on video, published on the internet, found dead. A digital phantom’s tragedy in a tricky and complex film about not believing everything you see.

No matter how you experience it, it is a work where both short-term memory and one’s deeper memories are active co-writers.

Of the North
Wale hunting, drinking, wrestling and polar bears. Life in the planet’s northernmost regions, documented as a ‘Nanook of the North 2.0’ without any filters by the residents themselves.

By Our Selves
Alan Moore and the inimitable Toby Jones in an eccentric film about a lost 19th century poet’s errant travels through the English wilderness.

The Academy of Muses
The humanistic beauty and educational ideals are given new life in an elegant and light film about the vital role of poetry in our lives.

A German Youth
Baader and Meinhof as the ultimate poster stars for a revolutionary romantic rock ‘n’ roll dream of a youth rebellion.

The Event
The last days of the Soviet Union seen through dizzying archive material, masterfully orchestrated by Sergei Loznitsa.

Dreams Rewired
Tilda Swinton guides us on a mental journey through the 20th century’s technological revolutions – and how they have shaped us.

Bending to Earth
Spectacular radioactive waste lakes form the basis for a trippy speculation about the future of the planet.

Crackup at the Race Riots
Hallucinatory ‘adaptation’ of Harmony Korine’s novel, by the YouTube generation’s answer to Robert Rauschenberg.

A Distant Episode
The double CPH:DOX winner Ben Rivers is back with a chemical and cosmic creation myth from Morocco.

L’Horizons des événements
An ethereal visual poem about mysterious, forgotten notes by a German explorer’s attempt to found an ideal society in the deep jungles of the Amazon.

No No Sleep
European premiere of Tsai Ming-Liang’s latest film, shot in Tokyo during a long and mysterious night, which ends in a steamy sauna.

Film/curated by Olafur Eliasson

Mirrors and prisms undermine the sublime images of landscapes around a Chinese iron mine in an elegiac defense for those who work there.

Fata Morgana
Werner Herzog’s paradoxical attempt to film mirages in the Sahara desert is an epic trance film.

Foreign Parts
An innovative anthropological field trip to a post-industrial parallel society on the fringes of New York.

Notes from the Anthropocene
The dinosaur’s (cultural) history from the planet’s predominant species via its extinction and resurrection as plastic figures and museum treasures.

The Intruder
From an icy wilderness to the black market for organs in Asia. A dark and mysterious experiment in cinematic art.

Topophilia + Blow Debris
1,300 kilometers through Alaska in a survey of our oil dependence, where the very act of seeing is a political act.

Death Valley is the scene of a paradoxical study of striving for the impossible in a work by the American master minimalist.

Worldly Desires
Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s documentary meta-musical from a Thai jungle.

Film/Under The Asphalt, The Beach!

Arabian Nights vol. 1 – The Restless One
Witches, mermaids and EU officials on Viagra – welcome to a battered Portugal, where anything can happen.

Arabian Nights vol. 2 – The Desolate One
A melancholy, absurd and wild status report from a country in deep crisis.

Arabian Nights vol. 3 – The Enchanted One
Reality and dream dance a sensual dance in the third (and independent) part of Miguel Gomes’s imaginative trilogy.

A Tour of the Self Cleaning House (shorts)
A guided, 3D-animated tour of a failed, fully mechanical house that ended up enslaving the housewives it really was supposed to liberate in the 1950s.

Celine and Julie Go Boating
Rivette’s Chinese box of a film about the friendship of two women is an improvised, social and surreal experiment in radical freedom.

Nightfall on Gaia
An astrobiologist is caught in the furthest outpost of civilisation in a speculative, anthropological film from Antarctica – which takes place in the year 2043.

The Meaning of Style (shorts)
Malaysian mods are surprised by a matchbox full of butterflies in the British artist Phil Collins’s stylish course on the importance of style.

Is it actually possible to have time go backwards? See for yourself with a film that Martin Heidegger and Gyro Gearloose could have made together.

Spectrographies + Flying Phosphorus and Shooting Stars
Hunting ghosts at night in a futuristic Paris, where phantoms take shape in terminal infrared and Derrida leads the way.

Mischievous satire of the (post)colonial world order in a deeply charming film by a legendary Filipino film wizard.