Today, CPH:DOX, announces its full music programme, featuring highlights such as young Danish talents ZAAR and Nurse, music documentaries portraying some of the most notorious artists in music history, Pavarotti and Frank Zappa, and the music industry’s latest #MeToo film – fresh from Sundance.

See the full line-up of concerts and music documentaries below.

Between March 18-29, the international documentary film festival CPH:DOX will once again take over Copenhagen with more than 200 documentaries, art exhibitions, debates, events, and concerts.

The entire festival programme will be launched on February 20, but today, the festival is ready to announce the full music programme consisting of 16 music documentaries in the section SOUND & VISION and 20 carefully curated concerts in the section AUDIO:VISUALS, where music meets film and visual art.

Young, Danish shooting stars 

Danish upcoming artists will be the stars of this year’s music programme. Among the local names are Anja T. Lahrman who will visit the festival with her baroque-inspired pop. Songwriter, producer, and singer are just a few of the many titles used to describe Anja T. Lahrman – on stage she goes by the name Excelsior. Her debut EP ‘Superimposed’ from 2015 impressed the Danish audience, and now she is back with the album ‘O Horizon’.

Josefine Struckmann also visits the festival with her solo-project Nurse. She was formerly part of the punk-duo MOR together with Danish superstar MØ, where they performed with a clear activistic and feministic message. At CPH:DOX, she will be performing at the premiere of Danish Eva Marie Rødbro’s latest documentary ‘I Love You I Miss You I Hope I See You Before I Die’, including the iconic soundtrack from the film, ‘Lonely Rider’.

Among the highlights are also Danish ZAAR. With her spectacular sound, ZAAR constantly navigates between heavy synth beats and majestic vocals. She recently released her debut EP ‘My Sense of Humour’ and is the woman behind the music for ‘Homesick’ directed by Samantha Shay. On visiting this year’s CPH:DOX, ZAAR says:

I look forward to the concert at CPH:DOX. ‘Homesick’ has been such a huge thing for me over the past year. What you call home is a question which has had a big impact on me, and it has been an educational process being able to work with the team behind the film, and to experience Danielle Agami embodying my words. It is very touching and personal and it is exactly what my music needed. A lot of hard work and many emotions have been put into this important theme, which has been beautifully portrayed by director Samantha Shay. For me, the result is holistic. The concert will be the culmination of the work with the film, and I will be trying out new material live as well. I am very honoured to see the film having its premiere at CPH:DOX.”

Heroes in new formats

The music programme also offers a series of audiovisual concerts with an array of artists, bringing specially-produced shows to the festival. Among these are British Actress, exploring the creative and social possibilities in artificial intelligence alongside his AI-character Young Paint.

Other concerts include an audiovisual light show with the award-winning English drummer, composer and producer Moses Boyd, who has previously worked with artists such as Little Simz, Sampha, and Floating Points, and a unique artist meeting between the enigmatic sound artist Félicia Atkinson and the experimental filmmaker and CPH:DOX-darling Ben Rivers.

Resistance, Mademoiselles, and #MeToo

This year’s selection of music films is characterised by a strong political content, featuring among others the world premiere of  ‘A Song Called Hate’, which follows the Icelandic Eurovision trolls Hatari, who, in a myriad of glitter and the Middle Eastern conflict, tries to create change through their music. The programme also includes a look into the historic movement of the 70’s Rock Against Racism, which had The Clash as frontiers and brought the youth of England together in the fight against racism.

The series SOUND & VISION also sheds light on the strong women of today and throughout time. Starting with young, Danish Rikke Pelle who oscillates between dreams and Tinder-swipes in an ambitious artistic portrait, followed by a mini-concert with the rapper herself. Taking a couple step back in time the festival makes a historical glance with the film ‘Oh Les Filles!’, that focus on the female artists who influenced the French pop scene – from Francious Hardy to Charlotte Gainsbourg and Christine and the Queens, also the film ‘Sisters with Transistors’, amplifies the voices of the female pioneers within electronic music, such as Pauline Oliveros and Suzanne Ciani.

Women’s struggle in music history is also presented in the programme with the new #MeToo film ‘On the Record’, the film premiered at this year’s Sundance film festival. This film is a part of the CPH:DOX series ‘Justice’ and addresses the accusations of sexual misconduct and assault by the hip-hop industry’s mogul Russel Simmons.

Also, films documenting nostalgia by portraying some of the most famous and notorious artists such as Pavarotti and Frank Zappa are also part of the programme.

Community dinner with oysters and music

In collaboration with the Copenhagen club concept MANNA, CPH:DOX invites to an evening of community dinner, oyster bar, audiovisual concerts, and dancefloor on March 21. The concerts feature hard-hitting pop by the Euphoria soundtrack artist Kilo Kish and the rebellious Swedish-Iranian talent Nadia Tehran. In Addition, the two Danish talents BishBusch and Necklace will perform with visuals by the artist Magnus Pind.

The ticket sales for the concerts are already on sale while the ticket sales for the music films will start on February 20.

Concerts in the series AUDIO:VISUALS 2020

Excelsior – 7/2 – Copenhagen Contemporary
Moses Boyd – 24/2 – Hotel Cecil:
Little Dragon – 10/3 – VEGA
Felix Kubin (film og koncert) – 18/3 – ALICE
Chassol – 19/3 – Hotel Cecil
Prelle (film & mini koncert) – 20/3 – Aveny-T
Sir Was – 20/3 – VEGA
Actress + Young Paint (live AV/AI) – 21/3 – Pumpehuset
MANNA x CPH:DOX: Kilo Kish, Necklace, Nadia Tehran & BischBusch + visuals af Magnus Pind – 21/3 – KPH Volume
Aleksi Peräla & Alice Topsøe + Deb Foam – 21/3 – Xenon i Huset-KBH
Climate Symphony – 22/3 – Aveny-T
Felicia Atkinson & Ben Rivers – 25/3 – Kunsthal Charlottenborg
Plaid – 26/3 – VEGA
ZAAR (koncert + kortfilmen ‘Homesick’)  – 27/3 – URBAN 13
1900 – 28/3 – VEGA
Final Party feat. Teebs – 28/3 – Hotel Cecil

Music film in the series  SOUND & VISION 2020 

Lisbon Beat
White Riot
Aznavour By Charles
Felix in Wonderland
Haut les filles!
Other Like Me
All I Can Say
Prelle – Lytter til mig selv
Pearl of the Desert
Max Richter’s Sleep
Sisters With Transistors
American Rap Star
On The Record
Keyboard Fantasies: The Beverly Glenn-Copeland story
In A Silent Way