Enjoy Darkstar’s electronic, political and beat-driven universe, when CPH:DOX and Vega invite you to an evening with the band Monday, November 16.

When the electronic duo Darkstar visit Lille VEGA in November, they will among other things perform the songs from their latest album, Foam Island. Dark Star has on their two previous albums explored an electronic universe that has featured everything from UK garage, dubstep and distorted psychedelic pop. Their new album, which will be released in October, draws on elements from the duo’s earliest singles – clean-cut and beat-driven songs released during dubstep’s most experimental period.

Darkstar performs as part of CPH:DOX’s concert series AUDIO: VISUALS, and the duo’s progressive electro comes with evocative visuals.

You can see clips from AUDIO:VISUALS 2014, when When Saints Go Machine and Dark Matters worked together here.

Political electro-statements

James Young and Aiden Whalley, known as Darkstar, present critical observations of British society on their new album. Before the parliament election, James Young spent time in his home region to interview many young people. Their stories about life and hopes for the future are scattered throughout the album. The following quote from the end of the song ‘A Different Kind of Stuggle’ illustrates these thoughts:

”I think that’s where the young people are having a problem, in that there doesn’t seem to be anybody current that’s able to understand the issues that we have at the moment. It’s a different kind of struggle now.”

In that way the album reflects the problems and struggles the younger British generation faces today.

Facts about the concert:

Monday, November 16 at. 21.00
Lille VEGA, Enghavevej 40, 1674 Cph. V
140 kr. + Fee
Ticket sales starting today through VEGA’s website and Billetnet.