The audience is guaranteed an atmosphere close to reaching the boiling point when CPH:DOX opens the doors for the eighth time to this year’s YouTube Battle in VEGA.

In addition to videos with poor resolution and lots of chaos, this year’s YouTube battle will also include explosive talent and musical surprises. CPH:DOX invites true artists to Vega who will entertain the audience with funny, strange and unpredictable performances.

The YouTube Battle returns to VEGA
The rules of the YouTube battle are simple: two teams, one screen. Each team is alternately allowed to show the craziest or funniest clips from the video streaming service Youtube. The team who gets the audience’s vote advances further in the competition and confronts the following team.

The competition will be held in VEGA’s historical venue where the Battle began many years ago. The return will be celebrated with an entirely different show where you can expect nothing but good humour and lots of laughs.

Open call for participants and artists
CPH:DOX and VEGA are currently seeking participants who are not afraid of the grotesque, the strange and the hilarious to compete for the title of YouTube Battle 2015. In short; if you are always in search of the new YouTube-fix, then the YouTube Battle is your battlefield. CPH:DOX and VEGA also seeks artists with unique skills. We are looking for artists who are too wild, too daring or too violent for ‘Danmark har Talent’. We are looking for people who can swallow a goldfish, spit fire, crawl through a tennis racket or something completely different. There will be a casting held in October.

Sounds like something for you? Read below about how to apply:

Apply for Youtube Battle 2015

For performance artists
Can you jump through a tennis racket? Are you the type who swallows a goldfish for fun? Or can you perform something completely different? We have no preferences and do not judge even the wildest tricks and gimmicks. If you can entertain, surprise or are extremely funny, we want you. If you are interested in performing your skills in front of a large audience, write an email to:

The mail must contain the following:

Full name
Contact info
A short description of your act
There will be a casting held in October. Casting dates will be announced by mail.

We look forward to hearing from you!

For ordinary teams
Do you think cat videos are so last year? We are looking for those of you who always show LOL-videos to your friends, still remember Nyancat and Harlem Shake with a grin, and totally get what Unexpected Jihad entails. If you have the courage to take up the challenge and win wild prizes, please write an email to:

Your mail must contain:

Full name of the participants
Team name
A list of three assorted Youtube clips.
We look forward to hearing from you!