When CPH:DOX kicks for the thirteenth consecutive year in November, it will be with a new festival format: REALITY:CHECK, taking the pulse of democracy in 2015. 

REALITY:CHECK is CPH:DOX and Politkien’s take on a new democracy meeting. A three-day democracy laboratory which though talks, workshops, discussions, film screenings and parties aims to take the pulse of reality and test democracy in the year 2015. As a fusion of Politiken’s Live-Scene and CPH:DOX’s debate programmes, REALITY:CHECK will take over the festival’s new centre, THE TENT – a 60 metre long, specially designed tent in Kongens Have just opposite of the Cinemateket.

At a time when many Danes feel disconnected from the political process, REALITY:CHECK offers a film, a discussion and an event programme where engagement and conversation are the focus and where democratic participation involves more than filling out a ballot every four years. With a look at the trends in development and society, we begin the democratic conversation, with some of Denmark’s sharpest media and citizens, on stage as well as between the audience and the panel.

Game Changers
The programme includes major international and national names. The keynote speakers of REALITY:CHECK share in common the ability to see the world in a whole new light and challenge the ways we usually look at things. Discover among others philosophers David Van Reybrouck, the man who with his book “Against Elections” questions whether elections do food to our democracy, and online security journalist Quinn Norton, who, taking Anonymous and Occupy as a starting point, talks about the web’s impact on society.

In addition to the international Game Changers, REALITY:CHECK includes many prominent Danish figures, including Yahya Hassan, Flemming Rose, Lea Korsgaard, Rune Lykkeberg, Emma Holten, Christoffer Emil Bruun, Peter Øvig Knudsen, Als and Bo Lidegaard.

Free events
But at REALITY:CHECK we do not just rise and discuss issues – we do something about it. Among other things , we introduce ‘DIY-democracy’ where the audience, via a Wikipedia edit-a-thin and a Cryptoparty, can participate in the creation of a more democratic society, and through an introduction to the Icelandic crowdsourced constitution we inspire community-driven democratic action.

The above events are free of charge and so are roughly half of the events at REALITY:CHECK (all those in TENT BAR and ASTA BAR, for the rest the price of a day ticket is 85kr). CPH:DOX and Politiken also invite you to a free event when CPH:DOX and Politiken celebrate democracy with Turning Tables at ‘The Political Party’ where Ras Money, Phase5, Ladybox and DJ Hvad will blow off the roof of THE TENT while Jameson and Havana Club get the party started with free drinks.

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