CPH:DOX and Normann Copenhagen will pitch a tent in Kongens Have

THE TENT will be a new festival centre with a three-day democracy meeting, free events, debates, parties, film screenings, talks, CPH:FORUM, conferences and more. 

A tent? In Kongens Have? In November? Yes, it is true – and it sounds like something only CPH:DOX could do! When the festival’s thirteenth editions kicks off on November 5 it will inaugurate a brand new festival centre. There, the festival and Normann Copenhagen invite you for 11 days of activities in Kongens Have: a new democracy meeting, screenings, events, and much more in the 60-metre tent called, you read it right: THE TENT. 

Normann Copenhagen will fill the tent to the brim with over 200 pieces of specially selected furniture from their recent award-winning series Era and Form, while CPH:DOX and Politiken will fill the tent with content. But first comes the inauguration of THE TENT, which will take place on Thursday, November 5 with the screening of a free documentary (the art film ‘Thursday’) and a subsequent live-installation and DJ set. 


THE TENT is then converted into a three-day democratic laboratory. This year’s big new initiative from CPH:DOX is REALITY:CHECK, a new democracy meeting that is created in collaboration with Politiken and that aims through talks, workshops, discussions, film screenings, and parties, take the pulse of reality and test democracy in the year 2015. 

About half of the REALITY:CHECK events are free, including when CPH:DOX and Politiken invite you to ‘DIY-democracy’, where the audience can take part in a Wikipedia edit-a-thon and a Cryptoparty to contribute to a more democratic society, or how about an improteater with Grob? You are also invited to ‘The Political Party’ with Turning Tables where Ras Money, Phase5, Ladybox and DJ Hvad blow off the roof of THE TENT while Jameson and Havana Club get the party going with free drinks. You can read more about REALITY:CHECK tomorrow. 

Much, much more… 

In THE TENT you will also be able to experience one of the festival’s guest curators, Olafur Eliasson in conversation with Tim Morton, participate in this year’s CPH:CONFERENCE, which puts the focus on art, technology and change, or get a glimpse behind the scenes when film industry members from around the world takeover THE TENT during CPH:FORUM, the festival’s international co-production and financing event. 

And as always at CPH:DOX, the owls are not what they seem. THE TENT is not just a tent. It is a customised state-of-the-art tent, with plenty of heating, a floor (which doesn’t destroy the grass underneath), a built-in bar and a cinema – and in addition to being filled with modern design furniture from Normann Copenhagen, with two kinds of chairs, the location will be visually decorated by artists from the group CMPNDM. 

CMPNDM is a Copenhagen-based collective which works in the intersection between art, architecture and design, consisting of Chris Paxton, Jack Minchella and Alexandra Holmen – all graduates of the Royal Danish Academy of Architecture. 

See you in a great festival atmosphere at THE TENT! 

Read more about REALITY: CHECK on CPH:DOX’s website here: https://old.cphdox.dk/mere-end-film/realitycheck/

And see the entire REALITY: CHECK’s programme here: https://old.cphdox.dk/program/serier-og-temaer/?ser=2015033