Come to the exclusive premiere docu-thriller ‘The Fear of 13’ and meet the Swedish star-documentary filmmaker Erik Gandini for the premiere of his new film ‘The Swedish Theory of Love’. 

During this year’s CPH:DOX film magazine Ekko and CPH:DOX will premiere two unique and, each in their own way, fascinating films. You can experience ‘The Fear of 13’ which tells the story of Nick, who has requested to be executed after spending 23 years on death row, a film with phenomenal storytelling and a fascinating character study. ‘The Swedish Theory of Love’ is a new film by great documentarian Erik Gandini, who puts the Scandinavian social model under critical scrutiny in a surprising and eye-opening essay about the happy Nordic life.

Unfathomable glance
In ‘The Fear of 13’ by David Sington you can meet Nick, who after 23 years on death row has asked the Court to be executed. But as the deeply charismatic narrator’s incredible story unfolds in a single, long conversation as the camera is rolling, it becomes clear that nothing is as it seems – up to the end, the last twist turns upside everything you thought you knew.

For Nick, prison life involves rules and routines deeply embedded in both body and soul and he can create a whole universe just through the nuances in his voice and his but deep unfathomable glance. A man and a film that both keep their poker face on. After the premiere on November 7 at Grand, film magazine Ekko will hold a Q&A with director David Sington. Read more about the film and book tickets here.

Erik Gandini’s ‘The Swedish Theory of Love’ puts the Nordic social model under a critical and affectionate magnifying glass. What kind of society have we really created for ourselves? The recipe for good Nordic life can be found in a manifesto written by the political elite in Sweden in the 1970s. It stated that happiness is a life of freedom – from the others. And so has it been since. But the question is whether our individualism and independence have isolated us from each other? Is the price of happiness a life of loneliness?

As a sociologist from another planet Gandini travels the Earth (and the North) and draws surprising parallels and connections between our way of life and all the other ways it could have looked like. After the premiere on November 10 at Grand, film magazine Ekko will hold a Q&A with Erik Gandini and sociologist Roland Paulsen.
Read more and book tickets here.