We are launching a new industry event, CPH:CHANGE, taking place November 10th at 16:00-18:30.

Its mission is to connect impactful film projects at the intersection between art, technology and education with a social purpose at their core and like-minded companies that have the power and marketing reach to scale social change. CPH:CHANGE opens the floor to a dialogue across sectors with a long-term aim to build a lasting platform for active social change.

This first edition explores the multiple facettes of sustainability and creativity with five specially curated projects to be presented to a panel of forward-looking Marketing & CSR professionals from top global and Nordic brands such as IKEA, Dong, Vestas, Carlsberg and Pandora.

The projects include an audio visual celebration of planetary diversity spanning film, virtual reality and education produced by Erik Gandini; a grand cinema feature about geo-engineering carbon emissions through marine permaculture rigs, directed by Friedrich Moser; a colourful trans-media portrait series of avant-garde artists across the African continent; Klaus Thyman and team’s epic photo and data record of the world’s vanishing glaciers in partnership with NASA; and a tech-odyssey to restore energy and agriculture in the Qatari and Jordanian deserts.

CPH:CHANGE is realised in partnership with Thomas Kolster, author of the book ‘Goodvertising’ and international expert specialised in sustainable communication and non-profit marketing. Thomas Kolster will moderate the day with Patricia Finneran of Story Matters, expert in funding and campaign strategy for documentaries specialised in storytelling with social impact.

Read more about the projects here.