The gay Muslim director Parvez Sharma travels to Mecca to be forgiven for his sins. Alone in a place, where homosexuality is punished with death and video-recordings are punished with a whip.

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For a homosexual film director a trip to Saudi Arabia is the ultimate risk – it is forbidden to film in the country and homosexuality is regarded as a crime punished by death. Despite, the openly homosexual director Parvez Sharma journeys to Saudi Arabia equipped with an iPhone, two small cameras and an enormous courage.

The result is a deeply personal pilgrimage, portrayed raw and unfiltered from Mecca’s streets and from the holy Kaaba, which two million faithful move around every year, and which is off limits to non-Muslims.

The good Muslim
Like a good Muslim, Parvez seeks forgiveness for his sins and tries to reconcile himself with his beloved religion, which he time and again experiences being interpreted as being hostile against people who are like himself. Although he has experienced contempt for his homosexuality among Muslims, and that his own mother could not accept him, Parvez refuses to give up and stubbornly takes a stand against dogmatism and fundamentalism. But his own crisis of faith turns out to develop into his life’s greatest challenge.

The film is copresented by MIX COPENHAGEN LGBT Film Festival.

After the screening november 5 the LGBT-organization invites you to a debate about sexual og ethnic minorities with amongst other the muslim activist and queer religion professor Leyla Jagiella.

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