Have you already secured your ticket for the Opening Gala Party in DR Koncerthuset? If not, you now have the opportunity to see the sneak preview of ‘Falling Man’ and a live transmission of the Opening Gala.

In Copenhagen, the film and the live transmission will be shown in Grand and Vester Vov Vov. If you live further south it is possible to watch the film and the Gala in Biografcaféen in Vordingborg. Cinephiles in Fyn and Jylland also have the opportunity to watch the event. In Odense, Cafébiografen welcomes the audience, while Nicolai Cinema open the door in Kolding. In Herning you can experience the event at HEART Museum, and in Aarhus you can visit the always cozy Øst for Paradis.

At this year’s Opening Gala you can meet the festival director, Tine Fischer, who along with the director of Louisiana, Poul Erik Tøjner, will open this year’s festival. Following this, the film ‘Falling Man’ by Anne Wivel kicks off this year’s CPH:DOX – as a tribute to the artist Per Kirkeby. After the film Per Kirkeby colleagues, geologist Minik Rossing and artist Tal R, will talk about their special relationship with Kirkeby. The musical equivalent is the Danish musician Snöleoparden, who will be accompanied by design and art collective Dark Matters.

Grand Teatret.
Vester Vov Vov.

Øst for Paradis.

Nicolai Bio.



HEART Museum.