While it is getting colder outside, we are moving closer to the festival and the warm cinema seats. And in just one week you can join us, when CPH:DOX presents an exclusive preview of the highly acclaimed, international bestseller by Naomi Klein ‘This Changes Everything’.

The climate crisis is not just our time’s greatest and most urgent challenge. It is also the greatest opportunity we have ever had to change the world. The idea behind Naomi Klein’s new international bestseller is not just really good, it is also the first of many. Klein is the main voice of the the action-oriented, modern activism, and in addition to giving evidence that the time has come for change, she also demonstrates how.

The screening takes place in Bremen, and after the film there will be a debate with the eco-millionaires Ross Jackson and Tor Nørretranders, DIY ecologist and writer Signe Wenneberg, and Greenpeace campaign manager Birgitte Lesanner. Lars Trier Mogensen from Føljeton is the host for the night. In addition to the debate, Ben & Jerry’s serve free ice cream in connection with the screening.

See you there!