On November 7, CPH:DOX invites you to a musically and visually one-off with two of Sweden’s most prominent voices; the activist pop music of Jonathan Johansson combined with the visuals of Erik Gandini, one of Sweden’s most celebrated documentarists.

CPH:DOX has created a collaboration between two of Sweden’s most interesting cultural personalities as of the moment. The Bremen Theater will for this occasion host a musical, visual and most of all thought provoking night. Truly, a one of a time experience.

Political Pop
For his new album “Lebensraum!”, the Swedish pop icon has sharpened his pen and focused his poetry on the great issues that are currently taking place in the Mediterranean. The lyrics touch upon refugees, border restrictions, human cynicism and lies, which are far from the melancholic texts that are characteristic of the singer’s musical beginnings. Johansson recently gave an in-depth interview about his new album to Soundvenue, where he talked about the album’s name ‘Lebensraum’: “This word covers the problems at the core of the album so well: Today, most of us have money, passports and the privilege to move around freely, but even more people – all those living South from Europe, basically – do not have the same possibilities.” Read the interview here.

Visual backup
Erik Gandini’s visuals add some spice to Jonathan Johansson’s political pop. Like Johansson, Gandini, one of Sweden’s most prominent documentary filmmakers, has a critical view of his home country and of Europe in general. The audience can also experience more of Gandini with the film ‘The Swedish Theory of Love’, which will have its world premiere at CPH:DOX. Gandini has previously visited the festival with the film ‘Videocracy’, a film about Berlusconi’s TV-hold over Italy.