CPH:DOX will co-present the talk ‘Capturing Pablo’ at Bremen Teater.

Two of the senior DEA agents who led the hunt for Pablo Escobar and inspired the Netflix series ‘Narcos’ are coming to Copenhagen in May. Here they will tell the real and sometimes shocking story behind the blockbuster ‘Narcos’ in the talk ‘Capturing Pablo’.

‘Narcos’ is a fiction tale, but the story and the characters are based on real events and people. The show tells the story of Colombia’s notorious drug cartels and Pablo Escobar’s struggle to maintain his position as the most powerful player.

The talk, presented in collaboration between ICO and CPH:DOX, will take place on May 11 at Bremen Teater.’ There you will be able to hear DEA agents’ Javier Peña and Steven Murphy’s personal tale of Medellín cartel’s rise and fall, and the role that they and the Drug Enforcement Administration Corps played in the battle to capture Pablo Escobar and put an end to his status as “cocaine king”. After the talk you will have the opportunity to ask questions directly in a Q&A.

Mads Brügger will moderate the evening. Brügger is the channel director at Radio24syv and is also behind the award-winning documentary ’The Ambassador’ (2011) about political corruption in Africa.

Ticket sales start Wednesday at 10:00 via ticketmaster.dk – tickets cost 295 DKK.

CAPTURING PABLO – Moderator: Mads Brügger


TICKET SALE STARTS: Wednesday, November 30 at 10:00

TICKETS: 295 DKK + fee

TICKET SALES: Ticketmaster.dk